Holiday Season Recap

While musing over my one and only eggnog latte of the season (while surely a gift from the beverage gods the calories are not,  hence my one and only!) I began thinking about this holiday season and all that it entailed for me this year. Unfortunately (or very fortunately depending on how you choose to look at it- from my bank account's perspective it was happy.) I was so busy with my day job that I hardly had time to get into the holiday spirit. It was only until the weekend leading up to Christmas that I actually began to feel like it was happening. I had grand intentions on decorating the house, but was waylaid by two different horrible colds coupled with my busy work days- the only place that saw any holiday cheer was my kitchen! Now I'm back to work after having a few days off and in this week before the new year I'm still pretending it's Christmas, so that I may enjoy and milk it for a little bit longer!  

Here's a little re-cap of my Holiday season! 

Kicking the season off with a book club meeting! That's the way to get it started!

With some of my co-workers at our work Christmas party
How cute is my pregnant co-worker in leopard?! 

Family dinner on Chrismtas Eve

Delicious homemade pudding

 Dinner with girlfriends

More from our night out!

Celebrating the season together!


dinner with girls- we had good conversation!

pizza- requires no explanation!

Christmas Day

My mom's beautiful tree and all of our presents! We're a lucky family!
My husband and I on Christmas Eve. 
What better than apple pear pie on Christmas day?!

baking Genoa cake- a UK tradition

My Christmas Eve outfit- loving that Free People tunic

It was a rushed holiday season, but a good one! Looking forward to reaffirming good habits and doing things I love, being with the people I love and feeling inspired!!!

I hope 2012 was a good one for you, but I hope even more that 2013 will be the BEST!! 

Here's to a new year!!


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