Lululemon Bhakti Yoga Jacket

This is my very first lululemon purchase and I have to admit I was super excited to make it! I know that it's an incredibly expensive brand and it is just athletic clothes, but if there's anything I've learned it's best to invest in a few expensive and well made pieces than a bunch of crap that will fall apart after a few wears. Since I've gotten back into jogging I have been doing a lot of early morning workouts outside and it's been freezing! Well freezing for here- in the 20's, 30's and 40's. That's cold enough that I decided it was time to invest in some long sleeved running shirts and jackets. (for those who want to skip straight to the review of the Bhakti Yoga Jacket, scroll down to the bold and larger lettering: *Now for the actual jacket.)

I've considered purchasing lululemon for awhile now but just couldn't justify the price. I just wasn't working out enough and I felt like perhaps it was just an overpriced fad. There isn't a lululemon store where I live so up until now I've not been able to see, feel or try on any of their clothes. Cue a client of mine a few weeks ago. She came in wearing the Base Runner 1/2 Zip in the heathered herringbone.  I took one look and wanted to shout "Count me IN"! The quality of this long sleeved shirt/jacket was obvious and the little details for me were a big attraction. Just look at those cuffs!! Anyway I pestered her and she kindly wrote down the details for me. I made a beeline for home, booted up the website with gift voucher in hand, and then proceeded to cry big, fat crocodile tears. It was SOLD OUT!! I emailed them asking when they would get the herringbone back in my size. I wanted it and I wanted it big time, I wasn't going to settle for another color/pattern. They kindly wrote me back within 24 hours and basically said in a nutshell- we don't know if we'll get it back in and we may never get it back in so may I suggest something else? More crocodile tears. So I had a look and the Bhakti Yoga Jacket jumped out at me. And boy am I glad that I jumped on it, cuz it's now completely unavailable in the black and baroque blue with only the white in very limited sizes left (at least online anyway). Obviously it's a popular one. If I didn't feel so self conscious in white I would absolutely get on that train.

First let's talk about the packaging. Because I've never bought in the store before I don't know what that experience is like but I can tell you this, the online and mail experience is pretty cool. They gave me a cute little reusable tote (helllllllo new lunch bag!) and the invoice came in a top quality, large heavy paper envelope embossed with the lululemon logo that feels super classy. I know it's dumb and it's just a marketing ploy but it works people! I'm a sucker.

*Now for the actual jacket. The fabric is smooth and soft. The jacket itself felt heavy and quite substantial when I took it out of the bag and to me that was a good thing. I could just feel the quality and uniqueness of the fabric. From what I understand the Luon fabric is a trademark fabric for lululemon and is some sort of engineered blend. I read in a review that it's not as soft as their Rulu, but I've never felt that so to me this is quite soft.

The fit is quite a slim/tight fit. I don't mind this because I feel like it moves with me really easily. I don't want a bulky jacket while I'm jogging. Because the jacket has good stretch it's quite flattering. A reviewer said that it's not a good fit for hourglass and best for a straighter body type but I have a pear shape and I feel that it's a good fit and hits me at the right spot on the hips.  Having said that it might not be the best fit if you're busty.

This jacket has a double zipper design and wraps across your body. The inner zipper is a bit shorter than the actual jacket length which is nice because it allows the bottom cuff of the jacket to lay nicely and have some give when moving.

My favorite features/details are the collar and the thumbholes. I've never understood or cared for the thumbholes on long sleeved athletic wear until I started jogging in the cold mornings. Not only does it keep the sleeves in place but it warms your hands quite a bit. Now I'm sold on this detail and every long sleeved running shirt I've bought has been required to have this feature. The collar on this jacket is something special and the detail that drew me to it in the first place. The back goes up high and covers your neck in the most cozy way possible. There is an adorable ruched affect that follows around to the front and creates this slouchy, flattering collar that's functional as well as cute. When looking around at different reviews before I purchased the jacket I found pictures of different ways that it had been styled. For a jacket that looks fairly straightforward I think it's actually pretty versatile when played around with, and while I won't be able to wear it year round in California I can certainly make it work for longer than I originally thought by playing around with the zippers and allowing the neck to open and drape a bit more.

A word about the color of this jacket. These pictures make it look more charcoal, so I went into different lighting to get a different effect, it is definitely a soft black, but black nonetheless (I'm thinking the picture of me checking my phone mid-photo shoot is probably the truest representation of the color of this jacket). Now for the indoor pictures:

So, my end review is this: I'm in love. I love the way it moves, I love the look and I love the feel. Basically I never want to take it off and I'll probably wear it everyday under my heavy coat in Ireland and I'll certainly wear it every time I do a cold weather jog. My husband was teasing me though and said I looked like I should be on Star Trek and called, "Commander G".

Well, Commander G says, "My birthday's in January and I accept lululemon gift certificates, gladly." ;)


  1. Do you happen to remember what size you purchased the bhakti yoga jacket in? I'm in between sizes and trying to determine which one to get. Thanks!

    1. So sorry that I took so long to reply to your comment, it got lost in my inbox. This jacket in the photos is a size 12 so I could layer it. I hope that helps!


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