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MatchCo- Custom Foundation

I don't often talk makeup on the blog, but when I do it's usually because I really love something. I was inspired to try the MatchCo custom foundation after watching YouTuber Safiya Nygaard try it on her channel. I have a hard time finding the right foundation color for my skin. It's always either too yellow or too dark but if I go lighter then it's too light. The only foundation I've found so far that is an absolutely perfect match for my skin is the Dior DiorSkin Nude Foundation in 020. You're probably asking why I don't just use that and be done with it since it's a perfect match- well I'll tell you why. The lid on the bottle is not removable and once the pump stops dispensing foundation I know for a fact there's still plenty of expensive product left that you just can't get to! It's maddening! I've read on all sorts of forums and reviews how to get the lid off but have been warned many times that the glass bottle can break and I…

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