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Outfit of the Day- Oh Maria, Maria!

🎼 "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"...  Spanx and some wedges.
 Okay enough of the cheesy music puns and let's talk about this outfit. Want to feel comfortable and effortless? Grab a Lularoe Maria. I was super skeptical when the company released this new dress. I just couldn't imagine the shape being flattering on anyone that had any sort of curves or wasn't 6 feet tall. I was wrong. The moment I slipped this over my head I realized I'd found my summer staple. With the right undergarments this dress is ultra flattering and SO comfortable. I truly felt like I wasn't wearing anything. Here's my only criticism: the high/low bottom. I'm not a fan of that in general but the reason I don't like it with this dress personally, is for my height (5'6') the front length is perfect with flats but the back drags a bit, so I have to wear a heel or wedges if I don't want that to happen. Other than that this dress is my new favorite.


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