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5. Love’s and Ice Cream

Landscape is usually enough to tell you you’ve traveled outside your home area but sometimes it’s something as simple as a gas station. Daniel and I left Las Vegas and made our way to Utah- our final destination being Zion National Park. We desperately needed to fill up the car before we got too far into our journey. Lucky for us we spotted a service area in what felt like the middle of nowhere. We pulled off the I-15 just passed Arrolime and made our way to Love’s Travel Stop. I’ve never seen a Love’s before. It’s fascinating to find chains like this that aren’t prevalent where you live, it’s like landing on an alien planet. What is this foreign sign? And what is this Godfather’s Pizza chain inside? Who are you and where did you come from? And most importantly why are you trying to sell me a pizza with pickles on it?
Pumping gas I marinated on the idea of pickles on a pizza. Who thought that one up? Don’t get me wrong, I like pickles quite a bit, but on top of a pizza? No. That’s just…

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