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15. Trainspotting With The Duck Mafia

I've mentioned in previous blog posts that my in-laws live on the outskirts of the village of Scrooby. Scrooby is sandwiched between the Old North Road (see Old North Road/Scrooby blog post HERE) and the East Coast Main Line. My husband is a train and plane enthusiast, so trust me when I say I've heard my fair share about the East Coast Main Line. I've witnessed it from several locations and actually ridden on it when we used it to get from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Edinburgh on our previous trip. The East Coast Main Line is an electrified railway route that connects London to Edinburgh, originally built in the 1840's by three separate companies; North British Railway, North Eastern Railway, and the Great Northern Railway.  The three companies merged in 1923 to form the London and North Eastern Railway, but eventually in 1948 the railway line was nationalized by the Governement and operated by the state owned British Railways. In 1997 service was resumed by private hands …

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