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Outfit of the Day- Airy Jumpsuits for the Win!

I've been wanting a jumpsuit for awhile now but haven't had any success. I have a long torso so jumpsuits can ride up quite uncomfortably. When I saw this tie front jumpsuit hanging in Anthropologie I grabbed a few sizes and a few colors and crossed my fingers! 
Thank goodness for honest and supportive girlfriends. I was on the fence when I tried it on, as you lost all the cute detail in black but I felt the wine color might not hide my flaws. The girls convinced me to get it in wine and I'm so thankful they did! It can be dressed up with wedges, or made more casual with sandals. I can definitely see getting a lot of wear out of this in the summer months, and transitioning to fall with a sweater duster and booties.

As we were leaving Anthropologie that day I saw this Ikat jumpsuit and nearly lost it internally. I'd already dropped a pretty penny so I walked away without it but willed it to go on sale. I kept my eye on it on the website and cue heavenly singing: it wen…

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