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4. Can You Lose Your Patience Down A Dam?

Finally the day arrived that we were going to the Hoover Dam. I’d been waiting patiently for this day the whole time we were in Vegas. It’s not that I have an interest in dams or how they work but I was ready to get out of Vegas, breathe some air that wasn’t tinged with cigarette smoke and hopefully learn something in the process. I was ready to be educated in all things dams. I had made the fact very clear before this vacation that we were going to go to the Hoover Dam and take a tour of the power plant. This was the one thing I requested specifically. I wanted to don a hard hat and learn about how something so huge could be built and still operational over 75 years later.
We left the blissful cleanliness of our room at Caesar’s Palace, paid a ridiculous amount for coffee and promptly got stuck behind the slowest scooter driver known to man. Want to see Mr G go from being a polite Englishman to a sailor who’s fluent in “French”? Go slow in front of him. Go ahead, try it. You’ll hear t…

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