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Playing Tourist in Our Own Backyard

Something I learned by accident when we vacationed in Kauai a few years ago is that I have a fear of the deep ocean. We toyed with the idea of deep sea snorkeling, and then I had an anxiety attack. Nix the snorkeling. So, when Daniel started talking about getting a kayak a few months ago I just kind of brushed it off and hoped he'd forget about it. Deep down I knew that was unlikely though, Daniel was in the merchant navy for a few years just before we met and has a love of the open ocean. He often talks about sailing and gets a far away look in his eyes, I just nervously laugh and go in for a distraction. 
I knew I couldn't dodge the bullet for long. Today was the day for my very first kayaking adventure. I like to call myself the Reluctant Adventurer. I really want to be an adventurer and do cool things, but I also have so much anxiety surrounding the unknown that I often skip opportunities. But, I made a pact with myself years ago that I won't let my fears win every ti…

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