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2. Red Rocks and Sketchy Deals

Checking out of the Paris hotel and transferring to the Mardi Gras was one of the saddest travel moments of my life. My inner self was holding on to the ropes in the lobby for dear life. Pleeeeease don’t make me leave! I wonder if the gentleman checking us out could see the desperation in my eyes?
On the agenda for the day besides downgrading from a 4 star hotel to a 1 star hotel- yes, I said 1 star my friends, things were about to get rough- was driving out to the natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon Keystone. It’s a 200,000 acre area maintained outside the city by both the Southern Nevada Conservancy and the Bureau of Land Management
. It has camping, hiking, rock climbing, and biking available. I was hoping to partake in a little light hiking, nothing too strenuous for the older people in our party, just a short jaunt to see the petroglyphs less than a quarter mile off the road.

We arrived at the Visitors Center around noon. I purposely didn’t research too much about Red Rock Canyon …

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