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6. Angels Landing

I was sitting here this morning in the present time, thinking about Utah and our trip last year- feeling like it was ages ago. I yearn to travel right now. My fellow travelers feel this longing like I do. Here we are in a worldwide pandemic and most of us have had and will have more time off then we’ve ever had in our lives. Under normal circumstances if I had this much time off it would be because I had an epic trip planned. A sprinter van and the road trip to end all road trips or the European gap year that American’s just don’t do. I did not think I’d be sitting in my house playing Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly and day drinking. Or eating my weight in baked goods. I’m on my second “lockdown” of sorts- my day job is currently outlawed. I never thought I’d be saying that. I’m a hairdresser for goodness sake- what’s criminal about that? Anyway, this time around there is no Monopoly or day drinking, my husband is back to work and I’ve told myself that I may not bake. I’m filled wit…

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