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12. A Very English Idle

After the opulence of Chatsworth House we spent the next few days just hanging out with my in-laws in South Yorkshire and doing very English things.

First thing on the list was going to the pub. Daniel and I don't drink often but when we do it's usually hard cider. My father-in-law exclaims every single time that we order it, "You drink cider?!", and makes a disgusted face and let's us know he does.not.approve. Apparently hard cider is for builders from the West Country who make it in their back garden huts. The good thing about hard cider is it's a higher percentage of alcohol so it doesn't take much to get buzzed. Makes us cheap dates. One pint and I'm nice and buzzed, two pints and I'm sending my sister drunk selfies from the pub bathroom at 10am California time and trying really hard to look like I can walk steadily from the bathroom back to the table.  Daniel and I become quite affable after a pint or two of cider. Fortunately we know our lim…

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