Friendships are rad

Last week was a particularly long and overwhelming week and I'm not gonna lie- there were some tears and some glasses of wine. Along with not so great weeks, with not so great people and unforeseeable circumstances, come some great people who remind you that there is good and kindness in the world!

It's the small gestures that sometimes mean the most. A simple note or a hug. After experiencing some adversity and some very challenging people, the little things quickly turned into large mountains of good! Take the time to share a smile- it might mean the world to someone!!

Thank you my friends and family who came out and surprised me with random acts of kindness!! I really do have a lot of people and things to be grateful for! Tis the season for spreading joy and love! Now it's time for me to pay it forward!!

art print from Carrie Loves Design found HERE on Society6


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