A Study In Blue

Picasso had his blue period. So too did Honore Daumier. While Daumier's was in mood, Picasso's blue period was literal. This is where I take my inspiration. Blue is my favorite color so I often gravitate towards it. If I could choose only one color to live with, draw with, paint with it would be blue- provided it could be any and all shades of blue that is. I sat down a few weekends ago and grabbed my Ultramarine blue pastel chalk and some paper. My husband pressed upon me to be more free with my drawings, not to be afraid to be messy or to rub it out completely. For those that know me and my art style that's going way outside of my box! I even let my husband come over and completely rub out my initial sketch, which caused me to sweat to say the least!! As I worked away and tried to be as free as possible, my husband watched my anxiety build, laughed and said, "This is the equivalent to you going on a bender!" And it was- I'm just that exciting.

So what does a Cheer up, Old Bean style bender look like? Scroll down and find out!

Let the bender begin!  Stressing about rubbing out all of my sketch. I'm a barrel of fun, aren't I?!

Starting to put detail back in. I do believe I started breathing again at this point.

Adding more detail and feeling good about being "messy".

detail of the finished work.

ultramarine blue and white chalk pastel on paper. 14 x 17

And there she is, all done. Whew! And I actually enjoyed the process at the end!! Props to my husband once again for really helping me get out of my box and for being another set of eyes when it just  "didn't look right". Thanks, Love!!

I hope you guys aren't getting tired of the art posts. I'm really enjoying getting back into a hobby I've always felt passionate about but which went on the back burner to make way for "real life". We all need to feed our souls every now and again.


  1. These are just too good, Leah. Seriously. Your "hobby" is incredible.


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