MyFitspiration Challenge finished.

Well my friends, it was a hard one- I knew from the beginning that for me particularly this was going to be a rough challenge to win. My body hangs on to every pound like it's the last Cabbage Patch Kid in the store- it claws to keep every last one. So, with that said, I didn't meet the goal- but I won in other ways.  I didn't make my 4%, I was a couple of pounds shy of it, but I did get in the kick in the pants I needed to get serious about exercise again. Also every pound lost was a big victory for me, so I can't be too mad here!

yep, those dolls?- my fat. those people?- my body.

I'm debating on signing up for another challenge- it was a great motivator and it held me accountable- but the ultimate prize will no longer be hanging over my head like a juicy apple. Gone will be the bonus stakes of meeting Olivia and Hannah from MyFitspiration, which you may recall in my original post is the whole reason I entered this challenge to begin with. I really wanted to meet and hang out with those gals. But, I already miss the motivation and support from the awesome group of people who participated in this challenge. Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, they really helped me out and were encouraging when I was down. It was inspiring just to read people's updates and got me off of the couch and in my work out shoes more times than I can count- so for that alone I'm really feeling another challenge. I am 3 lbs away from my own personal goal (which would break through the plateau I have been stuck at for a year) and another 20 from the original goal that I set out for myself a little over 2 years ago.

So while I missed my opportunity to meet the Sisters Curlee this time around I did get the immense pleasure of going jean shopping and being able to grab the  next size smaller and actually smiling in a dressing room!

So, while I debate about joining the next one, I 'll keep trucking along!
Off for a run!

**UPDATE: I've decided to join another one! Let's Get There Together is the name of it. Wanna join too? Click HERE

UPDATE, UPDATE!!! The Sisters Curlee are at it again!!!! They are doing a second dietbet!! woohoo!! It starts April 30th! You can join us HERE


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