Outfit Of The Day- Orange Tweed

Outfit Of The Day:

I was lucky enough to score almost everything in the outfit at a massively discounted price. I'm a bargain shopper but I have expensive tastes which means sometimes I have to "just say no" and sometimes I have to wait ridiculously long periods of time for things to go on sale. The skirt was one such occasion. I had my eye on this JCrew skirt for quite some time and when Cyber Monday rolled around I quickly nabbed it- saving about $100. The shirt on the other hand was a happy accident. I didn't know I wanted it until I saw it sitting on the sale rack beckoning me with it's ruffles. It's like these two were just meant to be. The cardi was the only thing I paid full price for because, well, it's my favorite color and I wanted it bad. End of story.

Cardigan: Banana Republic, about 2 years ago. Shirt: Tulle, purchased at Ambiance SLO. Skirt: JCrew no.2 pencil skirt in corkscrew tweed. Shoes: well you can't see them but they Seychelles brown wedge pumps. Tights: Urban Outfitters

Detail of the skirt. This fabric is amazing and it's fully lined. JCrew definitely has the monopoly on amazingly tailored pencil skirts.

Detail of the blouse. I forgot to take pictures of the sleeves of this shirt. It's sleeveless with a ruffle around the armhole. Super cute!

Be brave mixing patterns, colors and textures! The skirt and shirt are extremely textured- all those little black polka dots are raised and the skirt is a tactile dream. The seams of this silk cardigan are exposed giving it a slightly raw look that lends itself to both casual and "dressy" outfits. Sometimes I wear a bold yellow cardigan with this skirt and turn it into a citrus extravaganza! Don't be afraid of color this Spring!


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