GOOP- Gwyneth Paltrow, an Empire and Some Cookbooks

I'm a GOOP nerd! I love Gwyneth Paltrow and found out about her online newsletter in early 2009, shortly after she started it in late 2008. It came at a time when I was trying to eat cleaner and be more aware of the safety/quality off the products I use/buy. Back then her items were far more affordable than they seem to be now. I can't buy a $300 robe or a $400 bracelet, but I can afford the French pharmacy items she used to recommend- like the $16 Embryolisse moisturizer. Having said all of that I am still a fan and still read the newsletters even if sometimes I just have to dream and drool instead of being able to actually participate. One of the things I can always participate in is her recommendations for food. She has a few videos on GOOP with a chef (see my post on Bibimbop) which I have tried and loved, so when she released her first cookbook in 2011 I jumped right in and pre-ordered it from One King's Lane (and got a signed copy no less!-woohoo!). Her first cookbook is an ode to her Father, and is not necessarily healthy or low calorie foods. I have made some of the recipes but to be honest a  lot of them would be for "cheat" days for me or special occasions.

Then comes her second cookbook, It's All Good,  which was inspired by her need to modify and clean up her diet. This book was totally speaking to me- this is the kind of cookbook I can get behind because odds are I can eat 90% of the recipes and it doesn't need to be a "cheat" day or special occasion! And you guessed it- I got a signed copy- which is personally inscribed to me by Madame Goop herself! Total nerd moment!

So be prepared my friends, I predict quite a few GP recipes coming your way! I've already explored a few, tweaked and modified or loved just the way she intended. I'd say this one is a success and fits right into my lifestyle and while it's not a vegetarian cookbook, there are plenty of non-meat and vegan recipes for everyone and enough meaty recipes to make the non-vegetarian happy!

Sadly my book is already looking used, I lamented the first splatter on page 144 and then I had to remind myself that it's a cookbook and not meant to stay pristine!! This baby is going to look as used and as loved as it is- someday I hope to be able to pass it on to a child and they will know which recipes mom loved best by how many splatters or creases mark the page.

Stay tuned for Fish Tacos Times Two and Salmon GOOP Style!!


  1. I only have her first cookbook - have made a few yum things from it like her slow roasted tomato soup and the green rice she makes for her kids. I think you have convinced me to get her 2nd one! I agree that she has expensive taste - she even buys fancy flours and whatnot. I just use my cheap stuff and so far so good. ;)

    1. Hey there!

      I really like the 2nd one- lots of yummy looking breakfast items as well as smoothies and juices which I'm excited about making! :)

      Based on the delicious stuff I've seen you make, you will definitely like the 2nd one!


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