Kickstarter and a Man With a Puzzle Painting Dream

Let's talk about how amazing Kickstarter is and then let's talk about an awesome Kickstarter project that I'd really like to see funded!

First, for those of you unfamiliar with it, Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects of all types. You might have heard about it recently when it made National news with the story of the defunct TV show Veronica Mars and how through Kickstarter it raised almost double it's $2 million goal to get funding to turn it into a movie. The fans had spoken and spoken loudly.

How does it work exactly? Basically, if you like a project and want to stand behind it, then you donate to it and with that donation you also get a reward- so for example $50 gets you a sample of the item you are funding or in the case of Veronica Mars, $10,000 got you a small speaking part in the movie. Well, the project I recently contributed to isn't asking for 2 million dollars and the rewards start coming to you at just $1- I'd say that's reasonable friends!!

Check out this little project right here...

Intrigued my friends? Something you feel compelled to contribute to? Check out Jeff's Kickstarter Page for details on how you can contribute and what the rewards are. You are only financially committed if the project gets fully funded-which means you only get your reward if the project is 100% backed- so come on friends, rummage through your change jar, lift up your couch cushions or if you really feel compelled raid your checking account for the big bucks, this lady wants her t-shirt!!


  1. Thanks so much for supporting this project, Leah. It's been really exciting to see the pledge numbers climbing higher and higher! :D

    1. I'm so glad I'm able to get behind it! It's exciting!!


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