Pink Champagne Hair

It's April and it feels like Spring is in full swing around here! I've been feeling the mega itch to change my hair up lately- even dare I say it?- cut it! For those that know me well, they will know that cutting it is a HUGE deal- I've been growing it forever and a day... Having mentioned that is a tease I suppose, because I haven't done more than cut about 2- 1/2 inches off of it, but what I have done to break up my hair monotony is dye it pink. Yep, pink- gorgeous, pale antique rose, pink champagne, soft goodness. Okay so I haven't dyed my whole head, because like my dreams of mermaid long hair I have also been growing out my natural color. A hairdresser with their natural color?! Blasphemy some might say, but honestly I just don't have the time to get my own hair done and I got tired of doing it myself in my bathroom. I've been fully embracing the ombre trend because I can't completely let go of the blonde- it's a win-win!

Aveda (the company whose products I use) released their Spring 2013 hair and make up collection. This collection is incredibly wearable (well apart from the pink, and an incredibly questionable ombre job- what the heck Aveda?!). I was flipping though the brochure and decided right there and then that my color melted blonde was destined to be pink- the gorgeous rosy pink featured on the model they are calling, Fee. (The one drawback? It's super high maintenance! If I want to keep it the soft pastel pink that I adore I have to do it about once a week because it fades so quickly! Not practical for the non-hairdresser.)

Here's my version of Aveda's Art of Nature collection's Fee.

Oh and when I finally do decide to cut my hair- THIS from Do or Dye Tx, or THIS Stacy King from Sucre is what I'm going to do... of course that's a big "if". :)

Happy Spring everyone!!


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