Bite Beauty- So Good You Can Eat It

Limited Edition Lip Layers in Shiraz and Retsina and Limited Edition Pastille Rosebud

Bite Beauty is a Canadian company that is selling exclusively in the States at Sephora. I discovered it on a recent trip to my local Sephora where I was going for something completely non-related to lipstick, but as often happens when one (myself, especially) enters Sephora, you leave with more than you expected or items that certainly weren't on your "need" list.  So while I was shopping for my tinted moisturizer (Nars to be exact) I stumbled upon this image:

Image from Bite Beauty- all other images are my own.
Spectacular isn't it?! It stopped me in my tracks! What is she wearing? I wanted it, I needed it... ahhh, let me have it!! And.... I left with something different but that's for later. The above lippie is the Limited Edition Pastille Lilac, inspired by French Pastille candies. I made a beeline for it but was diverted by the gloriousness that is the Limited Edition Pastille Rosebud. I had no intention of purchasing red, I hardly ever wear it anymore after "wearing it out" during a phase in the late 90's (it was nothing but MAC Viva Glam- tube after tube of the original), but there I was happily applying it and checking it in every available mirror in the store (and avoiding the Russian saleslady who apparently hates bright lipsticks on me and isn't shy about letting me know!).

the gorgeous, bright, limited edition Pastille Matte collection.
l-r: rosebud, violet, lavender and lilac

It's bright, it's noticeable, it's WOOHOO LOOK AT ME- and I fell in love. This is some highly pigmented stuff, one swipe is all you need and I hardly have to reapply throughout the day. It looks different depending on lighting (sometimes scarlet, sometimes raspberry) and whether I've blotted the heck out of it. 

That one fateful trip to Sephora has sparked a new brand love affair! The collateral at Sephora explained a little about brand: paraben free, sulfate free, no petrochemicals, gluten free, no synthetic fragrance or dyes, and no phthalates, yes, yes, yes and more yes. Upon further research when I got home I also found out that the Canadian brand uses food grade ingredients and has less lead than a piece of fruit, which is great to hear since we all know that we are ingesting what we put on our mouth. Hooray!

So, what does a girl in love do? She gets MORE of it!! This time it was a little online shopping that got me in trouble. I don't normally order my makeup without trying it first or at least seeing it in person but I was ordering a tried and true and well.... I was $8 away from free shipping! Enter Bite Beauty to the rescue!! I bought their limited edition lips layers in neutral because I figured I could always make neutrals work and it was only $12 for two lipsticks which is a steal! The lip layers are designed to be complimentary to one another and can be work together for an ombre effect or worn separately depending on your mood. 

I'm exited to make another trip to Sephora for my next Bite fix! I've got my eye on the Pastille Lilac and their Lush Lip Tint in Watermelon- both of which I tried and loved. What I'm dying to know is whether they used a lip pencil with the Pastille Lilac in the photo featured above, because when I tried it on it didn't look like that and I'm determined to get it exact- or is it just that I want to look like the adorable model?


Hello, my name is Leah and I'm a Bite Beauty addict. I returned to my local Sephora today with the intention of purchasing the above mentioned Watermelon lip tint. After much deliberation, trying on and re-trying on I ended up with something completely different than I went in for- surprise of surprises!

cue parting clouds and angelic music
So, why did I have a change of heart? It's not that the Watermelon isn't gorgeous (it is!!) but I realized I already own at least 2 similar colors and I just couldn't justify it. I decided this new purchase could only be justified if I went the completely opposite direction of the pinks and raspberries I've been collecting lately- so I went peach, orange, coral- all the colors I haven't had in my lip arsenal for years, and I mean years! The two colors I ended up purchasing are complimentary to each other, I purposely chose two colors that can be layered or worn alone. Here is what I chose.

Tangelo Lush Lip Tint on left and Cin Cin Luminous Creme Lipstick on right

My love affair with Bite Beauty will continue on- I have a feeling that over time it may become my one and only lip product brand! Now, if only I can convince them to branch out into foundation, I'll be a content gal!

Update, Nov 2013- still continuing my love affair with Bite. Check out my latest purchase: Apricot Luminous Creme Lipstick HERE. I have also since purchased the lush lip tint in Orchard. I think there will have to be a Bite Beauty Part 2 coming.

*search the hashtag #pastillerosebud on Instagram for more images of this color and of course you can follow @bitebeauty_ or me @cheerupoldbean


  1. LOVE THIS! Totally makes me wanna make a Sephora run. And your comment about the Russian lady... LOL! She's not afraid to say anything.

    1. OH my gosh, I was literally dodging her while I was trying the lipsticks on. She caught me once and she shook her head and tutted- and said something like "no, lipstick". LOL

      If I was in SLO right now I'd be in Sephora having a field day, I do believe you'll know where to find me on Tuesday around 2 o'clock. Let me know if you get any Bite products- or you could just come with me on Tuesday and we can play!! :)

  2. I just ordered mine from Sephora over lunch and can't WAIT to try it! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    ~ Maria ~

    1. Yay!! Which one did you decide to order?

      So glad I could introduce you to such an awesome brand! I'm actually excited about going to work tomorrow cuz I know I get to go to Sephora for a Bite fix after I get off, lol!

      Leah xo


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