MyFitspiration 28 Day Challenge- it's ON

Hannah and Olivia have a challenge for you!

Alright friends, as you know if you've been following along- I've been back on a health/fitness kick since the beginning of the year. I started eating healthier with my Whole Living 21 days Detox (HERE) and now it's time to integrate exercise back in, in a big way. Because I have a chronic knee problem that started last summer I am taking a break from Zumba and all of the walking/jogging events that I used to do- I'm lacking my usual motivation. I'm the kind of person that needs a specific time goal to make things happen. In the past I would do 5 and 10K's which were perfect because there was always the next event that I wanted to stay healthy for/ get better at/ or be a certain weight by. It always worked. With that motivation gone now I've been in need of something to keep me on track. Enter Season 11 Biggest Loser winner Olivia Ward and her at home prize winning sister, Hannah Curlee. They have been my favorite contestants in the history of the show and I continue to be inspired by this fun loving, energetic duo who founded MyFitspiration. They remind me of me and my sister, so there's that too!

So what is this challenge you ask? I think a lot of office/work places are starting to to this so quite a few of you will already be familiar with the concept, but basically you put a certain amount of money ($25 in this case) in to the pot. That pot keeps growing as more people sign up. You have a certain goal (losing 4% of your body weight in 28 days) by a certain date or time (March 18th-April 14th). If you lose your 4% (or more!) you get a share of the pot. Potentially this could be quite a bit if other people don't make their goal. You may actually make money, or at least break even and get your money back. If you don't meet your goal? Adios $25.  It's that simple.

But wait..... there's an extra prize here!!!! You have to be fan of the Sisters Curlee in order for this prize to be exciting- I happen to just LOVE them and would love the chance to hang with them so this prize is more motivating than the cash. The ladies are personally paying for one winner, selected at random to win 2 plane tickets to New York, a free night's stay, a physical activity of your choice with the sisters and dinner. How great is that?!?! I would love to take my own sister and hang out with these gals!! What could be better than a Soul Cycle class with Olivia and Hannah?! 

So, I'm IN my friends!! Money is paid and the commitment has begun!! March 18th begins my challenge of 1. bettering my life and my health- yes!!!!   2. breaking through the plateau that has taunted me for over a year   3. dropping another dress size, I am that close my friends!! 4. kick starting the beginning of getting back to healthier habits and feeling good inside and outside again!

Want to join in? Here's the link to the challenge! MyFitspiration's Diet Bet

Good luck to each of you who accept the challenge!!


  1. i want to do this, too!! and ps. your recipes are making my mouth water. those falafels - gah! your blog has become quite the weight loss/eating better go-to for me! keep it up, friend!

    1. The dietbet has been so motivating!!! It totally holds me accountable. it makes me happy to hear you're interested- that will keep me on my toes! I'm having a bad fitness/diet week this week- fallen off the wagon a bit. I'm in a second and third dietbet right now. I'm not going to make the second one, but I really hope to win the third one.

      I'm so glad I've got some recipes you like!! Those falafel are seriously delicious- they're perfect for summer California evenings!!

      Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you, Paige!!



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