Happy Birthday Dad

How do you thank the first man in your life? The first one to dance with you, you standing on his feet while he did the moves. My first valentine who gave me candy and flowers well into my 20's. The man who gave everything to provide safety and security for his family, allowing his daughters to grow up feeling cherished and confident. The man who bought us treats while we roamed the store looking for the perfect present for our mom, making us feel like we were in a special present buying club that was top secret! ...And the man who picked out and bought me an angel ornament when he knew I was going through a tough time and knew that, that little object it would cheer me up immensely.

My dad has always been someone to look up to. He's taught us so much and helped make my sister and me the little go-getter tanks that we are! I thank him every time I pick up a hammer or a Phillips head screwdriver.

Thank you Dad for all of the love and support! I love you so much!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!


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