Breakfast Date At Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe

One of the things that San Luis Obispo does not lack is coffee and good food. We're very fortunate here to have our pick of wonderful, locally run places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sally Loo's is a cafe that has been around for quite a while now but I am just newly acquainted with it. San Luis is not exactly a big town but I find myself frequenting only the small area in which I work, rarely going beyond the blocks within quick walking distance, so I hardly ever find myself over in the area of town in which Sally Loo's is located. All of that changed with a series of breakfast dates to the cafe with my dear friend Andi. 

Andi is a Sally Loo's regular and introduced me to all that the cafe has to offer, helping me to navigate my way through the glorious menu and encouraging me to go beyond my box and order items that sounded way too exotic for my humble tastes. Well today I decided to document my experience because today I knew that I was embarking on the wonder that is: the Acai bowl!! So, technically this is "cheating" on my detox because there is some granola on top, but in the grand scheme of things I figured a little granola wasn't going to push me over the edge and cause me to jump head first into a bag of Doritos.

The acai bowl is legendary really, you can't talk to anyone who frequents Sally Loo's and not have them mention this treat. I had never heard of it before, but upon researching I'm finding that apparently it's not unique to Sally Loo's. So what is it? Well, it's a delicious concoction of an acai berry smoothie, their homemade granola (yum!!) and fruit. It arrives in a frosty glass and just begs to have a spoon dunked in it immediately. 

Like my first experience at Sally Loo's, I ordered a small soy milk mexican mocha. Now that is a coffee!! I like that it's not too sweet and has a spicy kick that I wasn't expecting. It's more like a bittersweet chocolate mocha with cinnamon and some chili powder sprinkled gingerly on top, just yum!

Oh and can we discuss the decor? I am absolutely obsessed with the chandelier pictured above. I would have gotten even closer to show the detail but the poor man sitting at the table underneath it was probably already creeped out a bit by the photos I was already taking. Those little circular discs? They look like newsprint or perhaps book pages on string. Obsessed, I tell ya!!

The downside? It gets busy!!! Halfway through our breakfast both times the place was absolutely packed with all seats taken, so get there early, stake your claim and then order your food while someone guards your table! Sound melodramatic? Well, you get there after 8:30 am and take your chances my friend but don't blame me if it's standing room only. 

Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe is located at:
1804 Osos Street
San Luis Obispo, CA


  1. Leah, that breakfast looks truly scrumptious! Healthy food in the UK is miles behind that stateside.... I may have to open my own cafe to bring things up to speed! Am loving that light too....

    1. We're definitely lucky in our choices of healthy places to eat around here! If you ever open that cafe I can pilfer recipes for you! :)


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