Birthday Shenanigans!

You only turn the big numbers once, right? 35 might not be considered one of the biggies to some but it was a big one for me- looming in the distance for so long, I felt like one of the heroine's of a 1950's horror flick- leaning back, a silent scream, hands up, ready to protect myself from the big bad horror!... and then it arrived! You know what? It wasn't so bad!

I titled the weekend of my birthday the "Birthday Extravaganza!"(Little did I know that it would extend a further week beyond the extravaganza- yippee!!!)

My husband and I spent a lovely weekend together traipsing around Cambria, Morro Bay, San Miguel and Paso Robles- spread out over two days respectively. I loved it all!

Lunch in Morro Bay

My car decided to hit a milestone after lunch too:

Putting my birthday purchases in their proper places:

Breakfast and coffee on my actual birthday, followed by a trip to Mission San Miguel and downtown Paso Robles for lunch. 

I was also lucky enough to receive some unexpected gifts in the form of: a Downton Abbey book (woohoo!), fabulous Party In Your Pocket oversized Madonna Inn clutch, breakfast with a good friend and Nun Finer Caramels (little inside joke from someone who knows me quite well!) and some other wonderful gifts that I didn't think to photograph, but just as awesome!

All in all, it was a pretty wonderful birthday, and while it kind of sucks to get one year older it's pretty fabulous to gain another year of wisdom, experience, love, health and friendship!

Thank you family and friends for making it less like a horror film and more like a RomCom!


  1. no WAY you're 35! you have a baby face. happy birthday, fellow aquarian. :) i'm so jealous you spent a weekend in that area...lovelovelove.

    1. Paige, bless you, haha!! :) I'm going to give credit to my high school years as a goth/mod when I shunned the sun and wore 50 spf on my face daily! Thank you so much for thinking I am younger- I feel younger so maybe that's why!!!

      I live here my friend!! Come visit anytime!!! All of the places mentioned are in my backyard and a stone's throw away! You now have a connection to the central coast and you have permission to use it any time!! I love that you are a fellow Aquarian! - must be why I always love your clothes! ;)


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