Anthropologie Portugal 2013- Ah-mazing!

Let's take a break from all of this detox talk, and discuss something incredibly fabulous and unimportant! The Spring catalog from Anthropologie! It is set in Portugal and features the most gorgeous colors, textures, prints and styling- I'm in love! Now if only I had an Anthropologie kind of budget. What's a girl to do? Find inspiration and use her Target budget in creative ways!

My favorite looks from this stunningly gorgeous collection!!

This gorgeous look can be found on Page 13.

features: Basic wrap top, Colmina Maxi skirt, Ines necklace, and Lacy suede oxfords.  *** for a more affordable dupe for this gorgeous skirt, see Popbasic's 2nd micro collection coming out in March.

This look can be found on Page 3. This is my favorite, I'm obsessed with it. Sigh.

features: Embroidered ikat tee, Clematis pencil skirt, Collected heirloom earrings,  and stingray cuff.

This look on Page 33. This is another favorite. Apparently I'm coveting embroidery for Spring!!

features: Pompon peasant blouse, Lyon twill cargos, Kenley slingbacks.

This look is on the Back Page.

features: Raw edge v-neck, Ag Stevie ankle pant, Collected heirloom earrings, tooled leather loafers. 

And last but certainly not least:

this look on Page 39

features: Lacebloom jacket, Sveta peasant blouse, Emblem wide leg pants, Brooch drop earrings, Pastel skinny belt, Pico platforms.

I love the mix of prints and textures here! I never would have put those pieces together but it's one of my very favorite looks in the catalog! I am hoping and praying that jacket goes on sale at some point in a price range I can justify- just adore it!!!

There is truly something I adore on EVERY page of this catalog- I had to force myself not to include every single thing I loved. There are just some seasons that Anthropologie gets it all right and this is one of them for me! Now it's time to find similar pieces in a price range I can afford and maybe, just maybe these pieces will go on sale and make me a happy lady!


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