Turkey Hand- A Claassen Gallery Challenge

Once again Jeff from The Claassen Gallery has posed a Weekend Art Challenge. This time I was ready for it, I eagerly checked my phone on Saturday to see if and what Mr. Claassen posed as this weekend's challenge. And what was said challenge? A turkey hand! You know like you did in elementary school? I knew I couldn't just trace my hand, pop a beak on it and call it a day. I tried really hard not to look at the other works that were submitted before mine because I didn't want to be influenced. I sat down intending to just sketch out some ideas and what do ya know?! I finished the darn thing! 

Here my friends, was the process!

So here's my traced hand and the beginnings of my turkey 

Beginning the watercolor background of the feathers on the body

Detail of the shadowing for the feathers and the almost finished watercolor.

Detail of the body of the turkey

And.... the finished product!!! I'm pretty proud of my little turkey. Never in a million years did I think I'd ever be doing a turkey hand and I certainly didn't think I'd be getting fancy about it!

More can be found on Jeff's blog post HERE
If you are on Instagram search the hashtag #weekendartchallenge

Keem 'em comin' Mr. Claassen!!!!


  1. Wow that's really cool. I love this. Xo Inna


    1. Thank you Inna!!!!!
      I'm excited to spend some time checking out your blog this weekend!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my turkey hand!

  2. Coolest turkey hand ever! I love the watercolors. And the grumpy little turkey face! Haha!

    1. I'm glad you caught on to the grumpy turkey face! he's upset that he's watercolor cuz he thinks it's for girls!
      haha, anyway, thank you!!!!!!!


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