Tree Ladies- My Hidden Nymphs

I have these gorgeous ceramic faces with leaves, that I have been collecting for years. A local place, Sycamore Herb Farm which burned down 2004 carried these beauties. I never took note of the artist nor did I save the placards that came with them- I took for granted that they would always be available to me. Well here I am all these years later and I've got what I've got and that's how it will stay, it seems. 

These used to be displayed inside my house- I love to bring the outdoors in, but I decided it was time to put them in their proper place outside along side my gnomes and my statue of the Virgin Mary (which incidentally also came from Sycamore Herb Farm)

Yes, if you are wondering, I have indeed scared myself late at night when I forget my lovely tree nymphs are there. Have they scared anyone else? I don't know- family would you care to weigh in?

I have them scattered about, keeping my succulents company. You'll find them hidden in pine trees and oak trees alike. 

I just had to include this picture, just so beautiful on a rainy day!
I just love the raindrops 

Do you love garden statuary? What hidden or not so hidden treasures do you have in your garden?


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