Lash Extensions- Oh my

I love lashes! I have used lash building mascaras, Jan Marini Lash Conditioner, RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, lash primers, falsies- so when I heard about eyelash extensions I was interested. I didn't do anything about it since I had heard a few negative experiences and figured it wasn't meant for me. That was until my friend Candice Cleary from The Face & Body Shoppe got trained in lash extensions. She's a total perfectionist and I knew that if she was doing them that I was in really good hands! Sign me up, I say!!

Let's talk about her cute little establishment, tucked away near Railroad Square and Flanders Bicycle on Santa Barbara Street right here in SLO! This girl (with the help of some good people she loves!) remodeled this lovely little "wax shack", painstakingly choosing decor- lights, chairs, wallpaper- every little detail!!

How cute is her pink shop with turquoise doors?!

She has since re-arranged these areas but the fabulous furniture remains the same. She made that gorgeous cushioned front desk my friends- yes I said made! Talented gal! 

And those chairs? Fabulous touch!! She knows her way around Craigslist!


This is easy my friends-she does all of the hard work. You just get to close your eyes and relax. Here's my before with no lashes or eye make up. My lashes are not nonexistent but they aren't exactly luscious on their own, they really need a good coat of mascara.

After pulling my hair away and securing it, Candice applies what feels like vaseline to the under eye area. She places a pad under the eyes and tapes the bottom lashes down to it. This is to ensure that your top lashes do not glue to your bottom lashes or your skin. 

She meticulously applies each lash, glueing them to your own. This is actually a pleasant feeling. Since the lashes are not glued to skin the way that false lashes are you never actually feel them. 

Check out those tools! This is a perfectionist at work!! This is about a two hour process- perhaps more if you have an abundance of lashes naturally. Candice really takes her time and builds them up for a very natural look. Although if it's Vegas lashes you're wanting she can totally do that too- since I'm not exactly a Vegas kind of a gal, I requested them to be as natural looking as possible. 

After Care:

Candice sends you home with a clean mascara spoolie (or wand), with which you gently brush your lashes while in the shower. This is to keep them clean and separated. By no means should you use a cleanser that contains oil, as this will break down the glue bond. I use an oil free eye make up remover and I'm very careful not to rub vigorously. She also recommended I get an eye wash to keep them further conditioned. I'm determined to keep these babies in the best condition possible and make them last as long as I can. So how long do they last, I hear you ask? Well that depends on how well you follow directions, haha! It also depends on how rough you are with them. They should last about 3 weeks, less if you are not careful. You go in for "refills" around that 3 week mark to keep them looking nice and full! Full lashes- what could be better for the holidays?!!


I should mention that I have extremely sensitive eyes, they water just at the thought of someone touching them- so I was a wee bit nervous about this process. I can tell you- no irritation! None!

As the photo below proves- natural, full and seamless!! You can not tell they are there, because they are applied individually and to your own lashes there is no obvious line of lashes or tell tale glue. Not only do I not have to wear mascara any more I don't have to wear eyeliner either- ahhh free at last!!!
(and those perfectly groomed brows? Her handiwork too!!- she has a great video on YouTube on how to fill in your brows! so great! )

I've got you hooked, don't I?! I must say I am delighted to wake up in the morning with full lashes- and there is nothing better than wearing no makeup but feeling put together on the weekends! I've lost count of how many people have commented on them!

How can you get some for yourself? Candice is currently offering an introductory rate of $100 for a full set. This is more than half the price of what they would normally cost from other aestheticians in our area and forget what they cost in Southern California or the Bay Area!! 

She's booking up fast so get her in time for your holiday party, family gathering, winter wedding- whatever the occasion!  I plan on ringing in the New Year batting my lashes!!

Candice Cleary can be found at: The Face & Body Shoppe, 1925 Santa Barbara Street, SLO. 805.550.9986
Please call, text (at the above number) or contact her through Facebook for more info and mention this post!

UPDATE: 4/28/13
Our girl Candice got so darn busy that she's max-ed out for her lash clients! There's only so much a girl can do- it's labor intensive!! Sooooo with that said, lashes may not be available with her at the moment BUT she's freaking amazing at all waxing and her facials are to die for!!! As far as lashes go she's currently referring new clients to: Reeda Gorham- contact info HERE


  1. I'm all over this! I've been really reticent to try it because a bad application can be so scary.  But this sounds perfect!  Thanks for being a guinea pig and documenting it so well!  :)

    1. I'm happy to be the guinea pig for you! :) I have heard a few horrendous stories of people going to technicians with very little experience- it can be a nightmare! I was hesitant but honestly Candice is the best and so meticulous!! (I know her very well and trust her completely!!)

      Yay, I can't wait for you to do it!!!

  2. My mom has been in the cosmetology business for 10+ years and recently decided to try her hand at eyelash extensions. I offered to be her guinea pig. I wish my experience had been as great as yours! Now, I am not saying my mom didn't do an amazing job because my lashes were beautiful... well, what I had. My eyes got MEGA irritated halfway through and we had to stop. It seriously felt like they were on fire. All from medical tape. Mhmmm.

    Yours look awesome, though!

    1. Oh Emily-Ann what a bummer!! I know one other person that had a reaction to the medical tape too, with a different aesthetician. I wonder if there is more than one kind of tape to use?!

      Well thank you for the lovely compliment! I wish your experience had turned out better!!

      Leah xo

  3. Eye lashes is a good solution for immediate result, but be aware that no matter what type of extension you get they will thin out your natural eyelashes. Other thing to keep in mind is the maintenance and restriction of having eyelash extension.

  4. I love eyelash extension too.


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