Sucre-so sweet and ethereal

Um, I'm probably late to this party- but better to be fashionably late than to never show at all, I say!! While I was getting caught up on a blog I regularly follow,( A Beautiful Mess)  I came upon a video. Now this video was for clothes but the music in the background enchanted me! I pulled out my trusty iPhone, brought up Sound Hound and promptly found the song! That song is Chemical Reaction by Sucre. It was love!

Fast forward about 2 weeks (sheesh, I've been busy!!) and I start looking up Sucre videos on YouTube.  I'm watching and thoroughly enjoying each song even more than the last and then I realize I recognize a band member. How is this possible?! Do I know this person? So I do a little research and find his name- Jeremy Larsen. And hand slap to the forehead- light bulb moment- aha! He's married to the authoress of the very blog I was catching up on!! Duh!!!  I've been following A Beautiful Mess for awhile now but clearly i missed that memo!! So I searched the blog and wouldn't you know it?! There is info about it everywhere!! Turns out I tuned in about 3 months late and missed that boat! Well, as I said before, better late.....


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