Movie Monday- Moonrise Kingdom

The Gang

What a complete gem this movie is. I dare you not to giggle even when it seems inappropriate! Wes Anderson does quirky and quirky works just great for me! This film has quickly added itself to my "favorite of all time" list.

Imagine it's 1965 and you are all about knee socks, false lashes, and eyeliner- or alternately you are all about knee socks, Davy Crockett caps, and bermuda shorts. You're an outcast, or as I like to think- ahead of your time.

Sam and Suzy are a little bit Shakespearean- a hilarious Romeo and Juliet, and this Romeo can sure put up a mean campsite! Both troubled- her needing understanding and he needing a loving and stable home- they find solace in one another. I won't give anything away but rest assured you will be entertained and tickled. With lightening, two daring escapes, romance, humor, fishing-oh and a dramatic standoff, what more could you ask for?!

It's us-against-them and so very precious and did I mention I have a wee crush on earnest and endearingly flawed Scout Master Ward?

Finnigan and I enjoying the very fine Moonrise Kingdom

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