Pushing Daisies- Why Did You Go Six Feet Under?

Can we talk about great shows gone by? Why do all of the good ones get cancelled? I personally am thinking of one show in particular but many come to mind whenever I broach this topic. I like quirky shows and as I'm sure you have guessed from past posts I'm a fan of whimsy as well. When you mix quirky, whimsy and a little dark humor, I'm pretty much head over heels!!

Pushing Daisies reminds me of a Roald Dahl-Tim Burton love child. A little James and The Giant Peach mixed with a bit of Sleepy Hollow and The Corpse Bride. What more could you ask for?!

Have a peek at this lovely little trailer- tell me you're not wishing it could last forever?!

I also happen to think that Ned the pie maker is the cutest thing this side of the pond and Chuck is so darn adorable I want to invade her closet!

What now defunct shows are you missing? I've honestly got more than a few, which does worry me that I must have odd tastes in things! I also see a pattern in the shows I miss: Dead Like Me, Eerie Indiana, The Gates, Huge- (Okay, Huge has nothing to do with the previous shows but I did love it and it did get cancelled!)

So I'm going to settle in with my hot chocolate and pull up my Pushing Daisies season two episodes and pretend it doesn't end......


  1. I loved Pushing Daisies! Also miss lots of things I loved in my teens....Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, Spaced, My So Called Life (but can probably relate more to Angela's parents than I can Angela these days!) .....Blossom! My Two Dads! So many!

    1. Oh my gosh I loved Northern Exposure!! Did that one get cancelled or just run it's course? I had a Northern Exposure coffee mug that I just cherished!!! I watched all of the ones you mentioned and loved them all- so sad when shows go away!!!

      ps.... how did i know you were going to say you were a Pushing Daisies fan?! :)

  2. Pushing Daisies got cancelled after the second season?? What a shame! It looked so cute (I think I only ever saw one episode!). I can't think of any cancelled shows that I was in to...all of them have pretty much run their course. Oh wait! I just thought of one - Arrested Development!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Maria xx

    1. Yeah, it's a major bummer that it only lasted 2 seasons. Supposedly they are going to try to finish it up as a movie- but I'm not holding my breath!

      I've enjoyed catching up on your blog!!


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