In Our House We Say Footie

What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 
Being married to an Englishman, how can I not enjoy soccer (football, footie)? I enjoyed the game before I met my husband but I've come to understand it a lot better since I met him. 
Having my parents invite us to go along with them to the only sport I can actually stand watching was such an unexpected delight and a perfect way to spend a gorgeous Fall day!

The men in my life. My husband and my Dad

Cal Poly vs. UC Irvine

sneaking a little leg squeezing in there. 

Oh the action!

My Englishman enjoying the soccer, aka football aka footie

My parents watching the action

He shoots- he scores!!! Cal Poly scores!

Scoring the winning goal!!

Now that's how you celebrate! 

Cal Poly 3, UC Irvine 2. Cal Poly scored in overtime. It was exciting!

Players greeting the kids as they leave the field. It was adorable! 
Ahhhhhh, Sunday you were good to us!

How did you spend your beautiful Sunday?


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