Silent Films- A Delight For The Eyes

Since I'm really wishing for Fall like weather I'm going to talk about things I'd be doing if  it wasn't 104 degrees in October! If it was cool and autumnal I'd be chillin' on the couch, sipping either tea or coffee watching one of these gems!

My mom started the tradition really- although we didn't do silent films per se, we did old black and white movies (The Thin Man series being our main staple)- but nowadays I've broadened my horizons and reached even father back on the cinematic timeline. 

A taste of some of the true classics- a list of must sees for everyone interested in film!

Metropolis- German silent film (1927)
Metropolis is a silent film that has only recently been added to my repertoire. See, we've been lucky enough to have it restored in our lifetime along with once thought lost footage coming to light. It is a true innovator, the parent to sci-fi movies the world over. For it's time the special effects were spectacular! It's trippy, I will admit but it's truly a must see!!

Buster Keaton- The General (1926)
One of the best experiences I've had was watching The General as if would have been seen originally- on a big screen with a live organist playing the original score!! This film has it all- action, humor, love, danger, a daring rescue!!

Charlie Chaplin- The Kid (1921)
Funny! I mean, just funny, touching and classic! This was Chaplin's first full feature length film- think what you want about his personal life (kinda scandalous!) but he was a genius when it came to film! 
(A major Chaplin must see is The Great Dictator! I didn't include it here because it's not a silent film)

Charlie Chaplin- City Lights (1931)
What a gem of a film! It's so beautiful in it's sweetness. This is no lighthearted Chaplin film- this has a real depth to it but it also so very charming. It's farfetched to say the least but this is film after all so I think we can forgive it it's unlikely plot.

Greta Garbo and John Gilbert- Flesh and The Devil (1927)
I was obsessed with Greta Garbo in my later teen years but it was hard to get a hold of copies of silent films at that time (this was pre-internet- eeek!!) so I was delighted to finally get a hold of a copy of Flesh and The Devil, staring Greta and her real life lover John Gilbert some years ago. She's quite the naughty gal in this film, but oh!- this is Garbo at her sultry finest!!

Louise Brooks- Pandora's Box- German (1929)
Louise Brooks was another actress that I had a minor obsession with- the original flapper girl and the ringleader of the "bob". In this role- which made her a star she plays a seductive young woman who doesn't realize her feminine wiles will bring ruin to herself and those who fall in love with her- I mean, she makes a right mess of things!! Oh yeah and Jack the Ripper features in the end- oddly enough!!

Rudolph Valentino- The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (1921)
Alas, the list would not be complete without Rudolph Valentino. He's probably best known for The Sheik, but I personally love when he tangos! This film really is about the tango scene.

So on the next rainy day I'll sit down, sip a hot beverage watch a film or two and tell you about my favorite "talkies". Stay tuned- and let's hope for a change in the weather!!!


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