Terrarium- Part Deux

So I really wanted to re-create the terrarium in Making It Lovely DIY Terrarium post. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to be exact with it, as I didn't know exactly what plants were used, but I wanted to get close. Fortunately Nicole Balch, the lovely lady behind Making It Lovely blog, included a link to the tall glass jar that she used. Unfortunately that tall glass jar is now no longer available, so I can not provide that link, but I can provide you with a link to their other terrarium containers: HERE

Lucky for me, I was able to get that glass container before it was sold out. It arrived in a HUGE box!! The box was so big that when I broke it down to bring to a co-worker who was moving it wouldn't fit anywhere in my car- not the trunk, not the backseat, not even with the sunroof open!

So here's what I've been basically calling the Terrarium Of My Dreams! For a tutorial on terrariums see:  HERE and HERE

Irish Moss, a pink geode, some yellow gemstones, river rock and my secret  surprise: fake flowers. I didn't want to use real ones because I couldn't find any that would work at my local nursery. We'll see how the fake ones work- see if they mold or mildew. fingers crossed!

it gets it's own table!

Because this is a lidded terrarium, it's a little different from the ones I've already done. I'm really hoping that the plants I used do well in the humid environment inside the jar. It's been fascinating watching the condensation form and then clear as the day goes on. I periodically take the lid off and let it air out, per instructions. So far so good! I just love this little mini world!

Update:   Good news my friends!!!!! The tall glass jar from west elm  is back in stock and on sale!!!


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