Hula Hoop, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Cue Culture Club.

Imagine Boy George sadly crooning, "Do you really want to hurt me... do you really want to make me cry?" That, my friends is what I hear every time the hula hoop clatters to the ground at my feet!

I was a master hula hooper (is that a word?!) as a child, so naturally I assumed it was like riding a bicycle! Wrong!! So very wrong! Oh and did I mention these new fan-dangled (again, is that a word?!) fancy pants hula hoops are weighted? Yeah...

I owe this new purchase to my friend Brenna, a friend for many years, and then some. She mentioned that she wanted one and I latched on! I'd been thinking about it for a few years, I have a few acquaintances that hoop, but I've been waiting for someone I see on the reg to get one!

Enter Brenna... and lovely lady, I'm not sure whether to hug you or bill you for my Advil!

Who knew such a staple of childhood would be so HARD?!

ahhh... sigh, finally- I got it!!!! And in the words of my dear friend Brenna: "I hooped for ten seconds! I squealed like a little girl." Me too my friend, me too!

I purchased my hoop from Canyon Hoops:

Canyon Hoops


  1. It is definitely not like riding a bike....that's for sure! Quinn and I visited my mom's 3rd grade class one day....and I tried out the 'ol hoola hoop.....I was also a hoola hooper back in my grade school days....the hoola hoop no longer loves these hips......maybe that's they be a skinny beanpole little girl with no hips.....because it can't be that I am no longer good at something that I once dominated! Haha

  2. hahahah! Leslie! :)

    you know what i finally figured out? I had to keep the hoop higher than I used to and I'm sure that's a hip thing- your theory must be right!

    OR you had a defective hoop ;) hee hee!!

  3. Oh my gosh, this cracks me up...

    In 8th grade I won a hula hoop competition and a ribbon, so obviously since then I 've felt like an Olympic gold medalist hula hooper.

    Anyway, a few years ago- Jeff had one custom made for me! With sparkles and pink + white stripes.... It's awesome. And yes, the weight thing is new... but I like it! A heavy hula hoop is a fun work-out. If you're on Garden Street, and look up at the second to last window in my building, you can see my hula hoop. It hides behind the curtain when not in use. :)

  4. Haha Coral, I'm pretty sure I've seen it! I'll look again tomorrow on my way to work!

    I could hula with that best of them, but gosh darn it, I never won a competition or got a ribbon! Sooooo basically you win! We should hoop together- you could teach me a thing or two! Now that would be a photo shoot! :)


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