Brown Butter Cookie Company- Y.U.M.!

There's really not too much to write about here except- yummy!

These little cookies are melt in your mouth delicious! They are not soft nor are they chewy- they are not  big nor are they complicated! What they are is: simple, buttery, a wee bit salty, just a little sweet and divine, an obvious labor of love of two sisters: Traci and Christa. (here I must interject and say that over the years these sisters have always been sooo incredibly nice and friendly!!! I've always had the BEST service with them with the market and with the cookies!!!!)

My husband and I used to frequent their previous business The Little Market (also the original location of Brown Butter Cookie Company). We made it a lunch date at least once a week when we could, getting grilled panini sandwiches to go, eating them on the beach. I still really miss those sandwiches (sigh... R.I.P. grilled vegetable and goat cheese panini), but I must admit the cookies assuage the regret, more than a little.

My favorite flavors are the Original and Cocoa, but I certainly wouldn't say no to any of the other flavors. The Original is just that- original. Simple, buttery and  melty (is that a word?). To me they taste just like cookie dough- which is basically my favorite sweet thing ever!  The cocoa on the other hand is a softer texture and even more melty (again, with that word!) tasting of rich Scharffen Berger bittersweet cocoa powder and just that teensy hint of salt on top. What these cookies lack in outright sweetness that make up for in richness- in spades!

my delicious original and cocoa, just before they were devoured!

They are not for everyone, but they are mostly for everyone (I mean really if you don't love them you are in the minority here)! And... at this point I should mention they make traditional cookies too- soooo, if you are not a fan of these little lovelies and prefer traditional chocolate chip or peanut butter, they have those too- even a delicious honey cookie. 

If you have the opportunity to try them, do it! You won't regret it (or maybe you will, I have no willpower when it comes to these little nuggets of goodness!)
Traci and Christa, I salute you! Thanks for bringing your yummy cookies to my world, even though you took my panini away! haha!

Their flavors are:
Original, Cocoa, Espresso, Bourbon, Gluten Free Cocoa Mint
And I swear when I was there today I saw Coconut Lime. Wish I would have sampled those!

simple ingredients make a simply delicious cookie! I sure will "enjoy!"

Brown Butter Cookie Company can be found at their NEW location:

98 North Ocean Ave. 
Cayucos, California

visit Brown Butter Cookie Company ONLINE where you can order their cookies to be shipped right to your door! Dangerous but convenient if you don't live close by!

Brown Butter Cookie Company on Facebook

 My sister and I have made it a tradition to get Brown Butter Cookie Company cookies after the Miracle Miles For Kids 10K- it's our reward for finishing strong! :) Two years in a row now!
Brown Butter Cookie Company 2011 cookie reward MM4K

Brown Butter Cookie Company 2012 cookie reward, MM4K


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