Shoes- Need I Say More?

In a perfect world I would have every pair of shoes that I drool over. This not being a perfect world, I don't. So if anyone wants to gift me a pair of shoes for say, National Hammock Day (July 22) or National Left- Handers Day (August 13) hey- my mom's a lefty, that counts right?!) or even National Marshmallow Toasting Day (August 30)- nothing goes better with s'mores like a new pair of shoes!), have at it!  Here's what I 'm currently drooling over:

I know these look crazy but they are sooo adorable on!!

From JCrew:


The Piece De Resistance!!

The "I would give my right arm for these" shoe:
from Anthropologie:

These would go nicely with a hammock, don't you think?


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