Romantic Crown Braid- Tutorial

Romantic Crown Braid Tutorial- a collaboration with SLOmygosh

So those of you that follow my blog posts will be familiar with the name SLOmygosh, as I am constantly referencing this fantastic blog in my posts! Coral, the brains behind the blog is an amazing photographer so when she had the insanely awesome idea of doing a collaboration I jumped at the chance! (I couldn't pass up the chance to work with her as a photographer but also it was just a great opportunity to finally meet her and hang out for a little bit!)

We took a little time to get it together, coordinate schedules (I mean, my model has 3, yes 3 jobs!!) and finally zero in on a location. I'm tremendously grateful that Coral found an alternate location to my original idea of a somewhat dirty, yet easily accessible alley! Whew, that could have been interesting!

So a gigantic thank you to Ambiance for allowing us to take over their upstairs and create some romantic hair heaven amongst their gorgeous home decor! And another equally gigantic thank you to Coral, who's pretty much my favorite person right now!

Without further ado...
Let's create some braided goodness people!

What you'll need:

A comb
bobby pins
2 clear elastic bands
some sort of styling product such as pomade or paste if your hair is short or heavily layered

Andi before. :)

 Comb the hair and part it on the side. You choose how deep you want the side part to go. 

Create a diagonal part  using a comb, ending the part just below the ear on the opposite side.

Begin an inverse braid. This is an upside down french braid. Taking the hair under instead of over allows the braid to "stand up" on the head. If this is too difficult, do a traditional french braid in it's place. 

Taking hair only from the crown to incorporate into the braid continue the braid all the way down.

 Secure braid with a clear elastic band.

Do the same thing on the opposite side.

Once braids are finished and secure, gently tug them apart, creating separation and a larger, more imperfect braid. You can be subtle about this or you can go big and really pull the braids apart.

Pull braid around the back of the head just above the nape and secure with bobby pins above the ear.

Take the braid from the opposite side and cross over to the original side, securing with bobby pins as you go. Remember to tuck in the loose ends of the tail of the braid!

Spray with hairspray to keep in place.

 And voila! You're done!
(How cute is Andi?!)
And also I'd be remiss if I didn't extend a major thank you to my model, Andi Modugno- a very busy lady indeed! Thanks Andi!

All photos taken by: Coral Kessler.
Andi's shirt, jean jacket (both Free People) and necklace provided by Ambiance in San Luis Obispo. My bracelets by Heather Gardner were also provided by Ambiance. Butter London nail polish available for purchase at Ambiance.

737 Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, Ca

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  1. Oh my gosh, you're such a sweetheart. And this is SO AWESOME! Thank you for coming up with this very pretty hairdo and for just being so lovely. ♥

    1. I'm so excited for our future collaborations!!! Thank you for such a great idea!! I just think you're the greatest! :)


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