Nesting Isn't Just For Birds

When I was in Jr. High/High School I had a bunch of pen pals from foreign countries- some of whom I'm still in contact with (big shout out to Julie Partington and Catherine Laing!)  One of my pen pals, Elena was from Russia, and and I don't mean the generic catch all "Russia" I mean Russia proper. I had to learn to write her name and address in Cyrillic (which was actually way fun!) and load those envelopes with stamps galore! She coveted American Levi's jeans and I coveted traditional Russian matryoshka or nesting dolls. So... we traded! :)

The day that box arrived was glorious! I sent off some Levi's from Mervyns and in return I got a piece of history and culture!

Elena sent me what's called the Semenov Matryoshka after the town in which they originated.
I've looked after those dolls for many years, sometimes taking them down off of their shelf and just taking a moment to uncap each doll to find the secret hiding within! There is just something so special and awe inspiring about a handcrafted piece of art! Knowing these dolls are steeped in history makes them just that much more special! The colors are traditional (red, yellow and green), the way the flowers are painted on the apron are specific (asymmetrical and off to the right) and the dress of the maiden- the sarafan- a celebration of the peasant "little matron".  Whew, history nerd alert!!

Fast forward MANY years and once again my eyes light up.... for what should I see?- a super fun interpretation of those nesting dolls just waiting to be strategically and lovingly placed in my house!!

Enter Thomaspaul, purveyor of all things whimsical of the pillow variety!

I just love them! I can't help but smile each time I walk passed my own bed! So thank you Elena, wherever you are, for starting me on my little love affair with the humble Matryoshka doll!!

my next Thomaspaul obsession?!

I would redecorate my whole house just to make this pillow work!! Too bad that this adorableness comes at such a high price....sigh.....
Oh dirigible, why did you go out of fashion?

Victorian dirigibles in all their glory.

 But I digress... that's a whole 'nother post folks.....


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