Car Talk- Say it ain't so boys!

I have a thing about weekend radio shows on NPR- maybe it's because I never get to listen to them live because I work Saturdays or it's leftover from childhood and I feel nostalgic. My parents listened to these programs (probably still do!) and I can remember them playing in the background as we ate our breakfast on Saturday mornings. So imagine my dismay when I heard that one of those shows is about to go kaput (or at least no longer be new episodes)! Shock, horror, trembly chin!!

This brings me to today's topic: Car Talk. And more specifically the retirement of Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers (brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi). When I heard this I sniffled and wiped away a tear (after I closed my dropped jaw)- they were a staple of my childhood and once the podcast was released in 2007, a staple of my adulthood too. Who would have thought a radio program about cars and car repair would be so very entertaining?! But it's fantastic- did I mention the brothers are funny- not a show goes by that I don't chuckle or even guffaw out loud! What's even better is these guys are MIT graduates- I love how seriously unexpected that is!

CAR TALK. Ray and Tom Magliozzi at their finest 

So while the show will go on in "repurposed" repeats there will be no more originals- though I guess after 35 years (25 of which as regulars on the national level of NPR broadcasting) they deserve to retire and rest on their laurels. In their own words, "...thank you for giving us far more of your time than we ever deserved. We love you. And know that starting this fall, for the first time, we’ll be able to sit at home, laughing at Car Talk along with you guys on Saturday mornings." -Ray Magliozzi. (Love it!!)

So I wish them a fond farewell and will cherish every episode until October when they do their final sign off of "Don't drive like my brother. "... "And don't drive like my brother."

sniffle, gulp, sigh... it's an end of an era!!

**All I've got to say is, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! you'd better hang in there or I might just have a breakdown!


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