Adding a Signature Piece- Room Upgrade

You know sometimes your room is just lacking something? A big something to tie a room together or a little something to complete a look? Well, I was looking for a big something- or rather I needed a big something and I didn't even know it! I'm a big believer in eclectic decorating- finding pieces you love and making them work even though they may not actually "go" as they say.  Enter Ruby Rose. While trolling through the blog of local "junker" and Ruby Rose store owner Stephanie Hendry, I fell in L.O.V.E., with a rug in the background of a photo. I didn't know how I would use it, where exactly it would go or how I was going to make raspberry sorbet go with my tomato reds, pumpkin oranges, mustard and lemon yellows and the aqua/seafoam galore I have going on. And then I realized I didn't care and I was going to make it work, cuz I wanted it to work!

So Stephanie and I were having a casual chat when I brought it up- tiptoed up to it really.  She didn't even hesitate (she must have had more faith in my ability to find a place for it in my home than I), we struck a deal and just like that, I was the owner of an ornate raspberry sorbet rug of the best quality and perfect size!! *Cue excited jumping!

I couldn't wait to make it work!! I just knew it was would come together!!
detail of the rug. Thank you Ruby Rose

Here's the rooms evolution from "Meh" to "Yeah!" and the little details that pull it all together!

Bed frame: Habitat Home and Garden in SLO,  Yellow chevron bedspread Urban Outfitters. Dresser: Target, bookcase leading a double life as bookcase/jeans shelf: Target

rug courtesy of RUBY ROSE

yeah, I know, I have an old school stereo- it still works so why get rid of it?! 
(got to have a practical corner. :) when you're pressed for space you find your "exercise station" wherever you can)

 The Little Touches Pulling It All Together:
Dried chives from my garden, gorgeous glass bud vases from the now defunct Sycamore Herb Farm in Paso.

necklace holder: Urban Outfitters

Scandalous nighttime reading and music. Lamp: Target. Lampshade, Urban Outfitters. Nightstand: free from my friends at Finder's Keepers, one man's junk is another man's treasure, I say!

whimsical touches. Owl nightlight, Urban Outfitters, Olivia Circus Tent jewelry box purchased at a toy store  many years ago

orange table, Cost Plus World Market. Large terrarium glass lidded jar: West Elm.  Blown glass ball: Earth Tones,  succulents courtesy of my friends Joy and Barbara owners of California Blonde, glass cups holding succulents: Anthropologie, metal "G" Urban Outfitters.
Rooms are ever- evolving so I'm sure this room's evolution isn't done, but I do believe I'll be happy to keep it this way for a little while longer. Stay tuned- that terrarium of my dreams is going to become a reality- photos to come!!! If you want a sneak peek of what it's going to look like click HERE

What's waiting around the corner to inspire you?!

info on Ruby Rose:
1335 Walker Street, San Luis Obispo, Ca . 
805. 545.7964
Thursday, 11-5
Friday, 11-5
Saturday, 11-4

Stop on by, visit with Stephanie and find something to fall in love with!!!


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