We All Need A Little Color Sometimes

Coral over at SLOmygosh, has inspired yet another blog/activity for me! I think I could officially be called a groupie! I'll have to think of a clever name for myself, like a Slomygosher... annnyway- she ordered amazing colored hair extentsions from Etsy (I ordered some too, and when I get them I'll do a post about those as well, please note that the shop is currently closed due to backlog, so when I receive my new extensions I'm sure she'll be up and running again....I should also add that I'm incredibly impatient and that's how this post came about), so I was inspired by that, but I was also inspired by this amazing BLUE Beehive. Since I feel that I'm beyond the crazy colored hair phase, I knew I wasn't going to actually color my whole hair- or my own hair for that matter! Enter, my "natural" colored human hair extensions that I used to use while growing my hair long. My hair is now the same length as the extensions so I don't use them anymore- they were just calling for a new life!!!

Here's their journey from just "meh" to "ooo la la, tres chic!"

Here the are in their natural state. These blend seamlessly into my natural hair, but they were ready for a face lift! I laid them on a piece of household foil. 
using some bleach with 40 volume developer, I completely saturated the extensions. You really want to work it in there. Use any old brand of bleach, who cares if you damage them?!

Next place another piece of foil on top and fold the edges. At this point you just let them process.  I, being a typical hairdresser happen to have an overhead dryer at home, so I cheated and processed this with heat. You could use a blowdryer as well if you don't want to wait. 
with one completed and deep conditioning off to the side I started the second one. So at left is what it looked like after I processed and rinsed the bleach.

The color brand I chose processes FAST so I started at the top since I knew I was going to ombre/color melt these pieces and it was okay if the top was darker than the bottom. 

Dolly (my trusty dollhead) getting in on the action! She was kind enough to hold my pieces while I dried them and then backcombed them for the ombre part of the process.

Backcombed and ready for the application of bleach 40 vol. for the ombre affect.

bleach applied and processing. This honestly processed for about 3 minutes. I didn't want it to turn back blonde- I only wanted a lighter teal.

Dolly modeling the final color. I love the peacock effect of the ombre.
My pup decided to get in on the photo shoot! (and you can see the ombre in this one)

the finished product!!

Keep watching this space. I'll feature my new extensions from Lulus Galaxy on Etsy when they arrive!! I'll probably be doing a quick loofa beehive tutorial when I get them, as well! Yippee!!

Thanks Coral and A Beautiful Mess Blog for the inspiration!!!!!


  1. DANG, this is beyond cool... Why would you even bother ordering them, silly?

    I love that you just drop hair-lady terms like "40 volume developer" and "color melt" like it's no biggie. I can't even braid my own hair, let alone do something like this... you're amazing.

  2. Well I'm a big dork and that's why I ordered them. Haha! Actually as I was doing this process last night I asked myself the same thing, but I don't want to sacrifice ALL of my hair extensions to teal and I want more pieces than just the two that I did. It's cheaper to order them from her than buy new extensions to dye. (and not to mention time consuming!!)

    Isn't it funny how my everyday language is not normal?! hahaha!!! I never even thought about it. When I do the loofa beehive tutorial you should totally try it, cuz it would be beyond adorable on you!!!! You need baby loofas from the travel section though, the normal ones are WAY too over the top!

    Oh, and thanks! :)

  3. Anxiously awaiting loofah beehive tutorial. ;)

  4. Still waiting for my extensions from Lulu's Galaxy. When I get them I'll do the loofa tutorial. :)


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