Fragrance- A Walk Down Memory Lane

I have a habit for falling in love with perfumes that become discontinued. This could mean I have horrible taste in scents and no one buys what I like- or I  like to think this just means I have rare tastes!

Out of my current selection one is discontinued, one suddenly became too strong for me after I'd already used and finished one bottle and purchased another and the other is just right and the current favorite of my olfactory nerve.
My current selection. The only one I actually wear is the Tocca Giulietta. I love it and use it daily. It was a Christmas gift from my husband last year.
Left to right: L'Occitane Miel et Citron (Honey and Lemon)- this is discontinued. I use it rarely as it is a sweet perfume but once it's disipates it's lovely.  Tocca Giulietta my daily, and  Dolce and Gabbana The One. This just suddenly one day became overpowering for me and I had to leave it for greener pastures. 

 My walk down memory lane begins with the first perfume I wore as an "adult". Isabella Rossellini Manifesto. Okay, so I bought it the first time cuz I was obsessed with Isabella Rossellini and I thought that everything that she touched was gold! (when she married Gary Oldman, it was like heaven... but that's another story..)  I used bottle after bottle because I actually liked the scent. It was peppery and very herby, containing basil but also jasmine. Eventually I got bored of it and moved on thinking I could come back to it if I wanted. (and now of course it's discontinued!!)

And then came my all time favorite, hands down,  LOVE perfume: Marc Jacobs Essence. This was discontinued and a piece of my heart died, just died my friends. I still want to shed a tear when I think about it. 
my dearest perfume. sigh, I miss you.

So when I learned that Essence had been discontinued (cue tears) after a few years of use I had to find an alternative, so I turned to Marc Jacobs Blush.
And then HORROR- that was discontinued!!  So I tried Fresh Sugar Lemon, as people were raving about it, I liked it but didn't love it. I used maybe half a bottle before aimlessly looking for another scent to make my own.
(It was at this time that I purchased the L'Occitane as well. I was going through a lemon phase)

So then I tried Tokyo Milk, cuz gosh darn it, they have the cutest packaging around!
I bought French Kiss #15, cuz I loved the bottle. To be honest the scent was overpowering and after a while I had to admit defeat. I still love Cotton #17. I think perhaps I should buy another bottle?!

And then came a new love!! Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I thought I'd finally hit the jackpot! After all these years the heavens opened, the clouds parted and angels sang! I had finally found MY perfume- that signature scent!! My husband bought it for me as a gift- I wore it daily, I sniffed my shirt mid day just to catch a whiff. After loving it and going through a whole bottle I was all set to buy bottle no. 2 with glee when my husband announced that the perfume he once loved now reminded him of his mother and I was by no means to buy another bottle!!! Cue shocked face and dropped jaw!!

goodbye dear friend, perhaps we'll meet again.

So that is the story of how Coco Mademoiselle turned into Dolce and Gabbana The One, to now Tocca Giulietta. To be honest I'm pretty darn happy with the Tocca perfume (actually it's truly become my favorite), but it won't stop me from getting a sample of the Coco Mademoiselle from time to time and spraying it nostalgically in my car.


What is your favorite? Do you have a signature scent?



    OK, Lady, let's talk perfume...

    My first: Fracas.

    My old favorite: YSL "In Love Again" (available in limited quantities, only every 5 years or so).

    The occasionals: Child, Tocca- Cleopatra, Mustela- Musti, Kai, Benefit- Maybe Baby, Lollia, Philosophy- Grace, or Sud Pacifique- Vanille/Coco.

    The everyday: Chloe- Chloe, MOR- Marshmallow, Jo Malone- Red Roses, or Fresh- Fig/Apricot.

    And I won't even bother with the reject-scents in my perfume history. Ohhh... I'm a huge fragrance junkie. I can't help it. : /

  2. i LOVE that I've only heard of a handful of those because it gives me a chance to do some research. I've tried the Chloe and liked it, so perhaps I'll get a sample from Sephora and test it out with the hubs. And I've smelled a Fresh Fig perfume that was amazing- I wonder if it's the same one you mentioned.

    Does Ambiance carry the Tocca perfume? I'm completely out of my Tocca right now which is what inspired this post, cuz i was hoping someone would give me some ideas and I could try something new! I love finding a new frangrance!!!

    Oh and I also had a Juicy Couture "Love" fragrance phase too, which I forgot to mention in the post. It was only while at Sephora being berated by a Russian that I remembered! Must have been a panic response... "go to your happy place....what fragrance did you forget?....go to your happy place."


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