An Ode To Nike

Oh Nike, you've gone and done it- you've made a shoe in my favorite color. Now that you've basically lifted them from my dreams, I had to buy them. Thank goodness that I was in need (this is up for debate!) of new running shoes and that they were on sale (most importantly- the sale part!!!)

well hellloooo gorgeous!! come here often?!

me and the pups chilling after a good workout

The new colors from Nike are just fantastic! There really is a color combo for everyone out there!! And the running apparel matches! Now if only I could wear the matching booty shorts! Haha- that is never going to happen in this lifetime and I'm okay with that (I think!). I sure wouldn't mind someday sporting the regular running shorts though- ahhhhh a girl can dream! Guess I'd better stop making cookies!

*for those wondering: the above shoe is the Nike Flex Trainer 2 in tropical twist/ liquid lime.


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