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Oh, I think I've died and gone to heaven!!!! This poster is something I need in my life!!

Marsh Marigold - Caltha palustris poster. found at: The Evolution Store

My fascination with botanical prints comes from my mother. She has always had large coffee table books of botanical prints lying around and beautiful framed prints on our walls growing up. I even toyed with the idea of learning to draw them myself and incorporating them into my artwork (but boy are they hard work! I'll stick with portraits, thanks! although...hmm...)

While traipsing through the Making It Lovely blog I happened upon her post about her botanical poster, found HERE, which then lead me to the above poster and the The Evolution Store- a treasure trove for a nature lover! What I love is that these prints are HUGE, and I've got a lot of wall space to fill!

I also fell in love with these as well: (I had to force myself to stop!)

Alcides agathyrus

Uraniid Moth

Urania ripheus, Underside

Sunset Moth

Batesia hypochlora

Brush-footed Butterfly

Cymothoe sangaris

Blood Red Glider

Look at how they have them framed and displayed!! Heaven!!! 
Isn't nature just lovely?!


  1. These are gorgeous. I love taxidermy/taxonomy... My mom also influenced it for me... She gave me mounted butterflies for Birthdays and Christmas gifts when I was little. Did you know that you can mount insects yourself? All of the materials are easy to find online. I found a perfect little bee dead on my porch last week and saved it to mount. God, that sounds morbid... but I think mounting them is actually just a way of appreciating and placing a higher value on that life.

  2. Not morbid at all!! I never even thought about mounting insects myself. I guess I've just never come across a specimen worthy of putting on my wall. Actually I've never found a dead insect/butterfly- perhaps I'm not really looking?

    Anyway, I agree- putting them on display is just showing respect to their beauty and importance to the chain of life.

    I'm hoping that someday that print goes on sale- a girl can dream!!


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