House Hunters International- House Envy!

Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

I was having a rather animated discussion with someone the other day about House Hunters International,  a favorite show of mine. We were discussing our love/hate relationship with this television show, well maybe I should say our love/envy of this show!

I frequently have evening marathons watching episode after episode on Hulu, drooling over Parisian apartments, Italian hilltop houses, Swiss chalets, Croatian beach houses and even a Bulgarian townhouse. My mood/attitude varies from envy, bitterness (haha!!, yeah I admit it!), excitement and "skies the limit" dreaming! Sometimes I love the buyers and sometimes I get so annoyed by their attitudes. I've seen wonderful, open and grateful people fulfill their dreams of a home or even a second home in a special place, but on the flip side I've seen buyers who are ungrateful, demanding, unrealistic and just plain embarrassing to watch.

Watching an episode recently they featured a town in the Andalusia region of Spain called Ronda. I fell in love. It was a magical combination: I liked the couple featured, I liked the houses/apartments they looked at, but most of all I loved the town! So now it's got me wondering- can I learn to speak Andalusian Spanish? I'm a French language kind of girl and I've never, ever ventured into Spanish territory- not even a little bit! Living in California, I can't help but be exposed to the language, so I suppose I've got a leg up! Maybe our next vacation destination is sealed?! I think my Swedish clogs would look amazing there! ;)            Now to win the lottery...


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