D.I.Y. Your Heart's Desire

Need an easy weekend project? Simple wall art? Temporary garland for a special event?
Look no further!

I found a tutorial for this through Pinterest back in February and I just fell in love! After some trial and error, mumbled curses and bloodied fingertips I got mine just right!!

First you need to start with the free paint chips/cards that you can get at any home improvement store. What I love about this is that you can't go wrong- every color in the world exists in these chips AND they are all color coordinated like a rainbow of fabulousness- so it's basically mistake proof!

1.Your first purchase will be a craft punch. I chose hearts (which let me tell you, was insanely difficult to find one week before Valentine's Day!) but of course you can do any shape you want!
2. You will also need thread (I chose red) and a thick needle (but not as thick as an embroidery needle), double up the thread, so you have two strands and not one going through your paint chip shape.
3. Clear push pins for mounting on the wall.
4. Tape (double sided is best).

paint chips punched into hearts, ready to be strung

I was a stringing queen! Can't tell you how many times I stabbed myself, but it as worth it. A word to the wise when doing this: I put the needle through the heart twice, so the hearts would lay flat. A little note here- these suckers will spin!!

To mount on wall, use a clear push pin on each end as well as in the middle- to create your swag.  Then I used double sided tape every 5th heart or so to keep them flush against my wall. 

The finished product!!


  1. you should try it!! of course, it might be kind of difficult with a mobile little one, but it's a great project!!


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