Boom Boom Mama! Zumba time!!

I truly believe that there is a physical activity out there for everyone. Some form of exercise or movement that excites you and gets your blood pumping. For my husband this is cycling, for some this is spin class, CrossFit, swimming or yoga. For me this physical activity is Zumba! I have three ladies to thank for introducing me to Zumba (Carey, Stacy and Tammy) and one outstanding lady to thank for getting me hooked and coming back each week to get down! (Sally Unks, this is you!!)

So this is my own personal ode to the greatness that is Zumba!! (or at least Zumba- Sally style!!)

Now that the dance/movement spirit has been freed in me I can't stop it! I'll Zumba in the kitchen making dinner, while I get ready for work, while my husband is trying to watch Netfix and even at work- it's infectious!! I just love it! It's such a mix of ages, levels and sizes and we're all united by the love of movement and as Sally herself put it,  the "love to get down"! And get down, we do!! I was jogging the other day, huffing and puffing away and all I could think of with each pounding foot to the pavement was how I would rather being doing Zumba!!

Now it's your turn, do you have an exercise that you love?

*if you are interested in taking classes with Sally, all class info can be found here.


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