I'm a podcast junkie. I love them, but I must admit I'm kind of picky about which ones I listen to. I like history, just about anything by NPR and occasionally health/fitness related. I was listening to one of my favorites Stuff You Missed in History Class (post HERE) and host Tracy referenced one of her favorite podcasts, Sawbones. I made a mental note and when I got home I looked it up on iTunes. It's full title is Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine. It is fabulous, my friends- the perfect addition to your listening repertoire!

Sawbones is hosted by husband and wife team, Justin and Sydnee McElroy. Sydnee is the physician in residence and lends some gravity to an otherwise just for fun show about all of the crazy things we've done throughout history to ourselves and to each other! The banter back and forth between husband and wife is funny and silly, it reminds me of me and my own beloved. They're not afraid to get a little nerd on and I just love it! But this isn't all fun and games, you do actually learn something while listening. I mean, I feel like I could win a few rounds of Jeopardy! after listening. I never thought I'd know anything about trepanation, the many (fake and not suggested) uses of urine or that back in the day I would definitely have been diagnosed with hysteria. Oh wait, and I can't forget to mention that pretty much all (slight exaggeration perhaps) Victorian era babies were opium addicts- Dr Fahrney you have a lot to answer for. It's amazing the human race has survived itself.

I find myself having to dole out episodes like cookies, they are only a half an hour long (yes, I'm greedy), so I can go through 2 episodes a day if I'm not careful (my commute is one hour total). I actually sat in my car in the garage the other day while I waited for the episode on opium to finish, I just couldn't hit pause and I certainly wasn't going to wait until my morning drive to work to finish it. Shh, don't tell anyone.

Justin and Sydnee if you're reading this, please keep recording- I'm hoarding episodes like a squirrel.

Justin and Sydnee both have twitter accounts, @JustinMcElroy and @SydneeMcElroy, Sawbones has twitter as well, @Sawbones. The podcast can be found on iTunes HERE. Their website can be found HERE


  1. Cool! I was just thinking last night that I needed stuff to listen to while I knit.


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