Bathroom Decorating

Our bathroom has been bare since we moved in five years ago. I just couldn't decide what I wanted to put on the walls. The bathroom had been designed with art deco in mind, I had wanted it to be a bit more masculine with sharp right angles, dark wood and simple. Originally I had planned to use black and white prints of art deco structures, but I never found anything that spoke to me. So, it sat blank.

Five years go by and my English in-laws announce they are coming for a visit. Nothing like the in-laws to make you jump things into high gear. I found a temporary solution in the form of fabulous felt garlands from Steph Loves Ben (who I might add was a HUGE sweetheart and got my order to me in time for the in-laws arrival even though she was under the weather- I was so grateful!!). I just loved the idea of those adorable garlands. They looked great, but I knew a piece of artwork was missing. What did I want to go with the whimsical garlands? Suddenly that bathroom was looking more art nouveau and less art deco. I toyed with the idea of having a trio or quartet of Alphonse Mucha prints (one of my favorite artists) like this one, but then inspiration struck. I was walking through Urban Outfitters the other day looking for a scarf I had seen and just happened to go upstairs into the apartment section. As I was walking around this print from Irene Suchocki just stopped me in my tracks. I mean literally people, I planted my feet. This was IT! I hastily grabbed that baby, promptly and noisily knocked over a chalkboard (and NO, I didn't break the glass on the remaining framed print, people at Urban, it was like that when I found it. Although that didn't stop me from looking look guilty as I double timed it away from there.) 

Deciding where I wanted it to go on the wall.

Getting serious with my lady's hammer. Gals, if you have to hammer, your tool should have flowers on it don't you think?

Putting the picture in place.

Trying this placement for the stephlovesben felt and glitter circle garland. (she does custom colors!) I fiddled with this FOREVER! (for a look at the true colors in this garland look HERE. My bathroom doesn't have any natural light and photos never pick up the true colors of it)

As I stood back and stared and stared... and tapped my cheek and hemmed and hawed it suddenly hit me! I have a mini hot air balloon that I bought at Wings America Aviation Specialties (I'm married to an airplane enthusiast!) in Carmel on our mini honeymoon 5 years ago that was hanging in our bedroom window. Suddenly it had a new home in the bathroom! Perfect!! 

This also prompted me to move the garland to a new location and it was love! I felt that I'd finally hit on  the proper placement of everything! 

My work here is done. 
(well, not really- I foresee some other Irene Suchocki prints coming to join this one very soon! I have my eye on this one and this one, but oh my gosh then there's this one and this one, soooooo many to choose from!) 

After I took this pic I moved the picture down an inch or two. All is well in the world of Cheer up, Old Bean bathroom walls. 


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