Hearst Castle With The In-Laws

My in-laws just recently came for a visit. We hadn't seen my husband's father and step-mother since our wedding 5 years ago, so this was a pretty special reunion. My husband is from England and his whole family is still there so it's not often that we get to see them. There are so many places here on the Central Coast to take visitors but one of our favorites is Hearst Castle. It was a bit iffy to take Europeans to our "castle" when there is literally one just down the road from them, but no where else can you get the views and those magnificent pools.

We were fortunate in more ways that one that day- gorgeous weather, clear views from miles around AND the best thing of all- an unexpected private tour given by an old friend from high school. She really went above and beyond and made the day really special! I tell you what, it's like flying first class and then you never want to fly economy again. Now that I've had first class at Hearst Castle I just don't know if I can go back to a regular tour. 

The view of the castle as you go up the winding road. I apologize for the photo quality- it was through the bus window.

Alas, we saw no zebras on this trip but we did see these guys. Tahr goats were just chilling on the side of the road.

ceiling of the Doge's suite.

View from the Doge's suite

My favorite room: the library

One of the three guest cottages. 


panorama of the terrace

The indoor Roman Pool.

probably the most photographed part of Hearst Castle: the Neptune pool

view of the castle from the Neptune pool 

*all photos my own, but used by written permission from Hearst Castle for publication.


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