Five Years

There is something really special about wedding anniversaries. To me it's the time that you high-five your partner and celebrate the achievement of another year of teamwork. Some years are more difficult than others, some years you don't actually think you're going to have a partner to high-five at the end of that year and some years just fly by because you're having fun with your best friend- that you were lucky enough to marry. We've had some difficult years, I'm not going to lie and that's what makes this anniversary even sweeter, even more of an accomplishment. Five years ago we committed ourselves to being together through thick and thin- we were naive and blissfully ignorant to what could come our way, but even now I'll tell you that it was the happiest day of my life. I never felt more beautiful, hopeful or loved than I did on that day. 

We had no idea of the trials that would come our way over the years, the tests that would stress us and pull us apart like a rubber band, stretching but not breaking. We had a lot to overcome in our 8 years of a long distance relationship before we got married. Distance, an 8 hour time difference, financial limitations, immigration officials and ridiculous rules, and months of separation. All things that should have been the hardest thing we'd come up against. Marriage is a whole other ball game, it throws things at you that you can't even begin to be prepared for. When you take that vow (and take it seriously), everything shifts. You're committed to this person, you have to think about their wants and feelings when considering decisions, you share finances and may not agree on what to spend your money on, you may have trouble finding your groove- who takes out the trash, are you cooking or am I? Can you live with this throw rug? And then there's the BIG stuff- do we want children? When and how many? Are we going to buy a house or rent? Can we afford a new car when the old one goes bust? And then the stuff that you can't predict- when life throws you so many lemons that you can't even begin to make lemonade. We've had some of those years and that's what makes this anniversary the sweetest of all, we've finally figured out how to make lemonade. We persevered, and fought for our relationship, remembered our friendship, remembered how to laugh and remembered that we're in this together- a team of two and your teammate is your support system and your source of fun! I truly can't think of anyone else I'd rather share this life with. No one else I'd rather geek out to Game of Thrones with, or traipse through a foreign country with, cook a meal for and hopefully have a family with. It's pretty darn cool to be married to your best friend, who also happens to look pretty handsome in his pajamas. 

Happy Anniversary to my husband, who I love to bits! Here's to many, many more!!


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