Lunch at Roxanne's Cafe

Last week I had the opportunity to share a meal with a dear friend. She and I have a history of breakfast dates (see HERE for my Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe post) so we decided to branch out and have a lunch date instead. She had suggested that we go to Roxanne's Cafe, which is located at Smiling Dog Yoga Studio.

So let's talk some pros and cons of this cute little place. I loved the setting!! A beautiful garden space that feels like your friends back yard (a friend who has a lot of seating space.- which I forgot to get a photo of, I blame it on the hunger!!) sets the tone and a homey chalkboard menu greets you at a quaint cash register/hostess stand. It's incredibly laid back- like did they forget about us?- kind of laid back, which is quite nice if you're not in a hurry.  Which brings me to one of my cons. We had the friendliest server (who is also the hostess), but the poor thing was overwhelmed. She was the one and only "front of house"and it was obvious. She forgot to bring us water and each time she came out to serve another table their food she would ask us if we would like water, to which we replied yes. Three times that happened- we weren't upset but it did become a bit of a joke for us every time we caught sight of her. My other con? The wait. Be sure to have plenty of time when you eat here- this isn't the sort of place you go to if you only have a lunch hour- give yourself ample time. It took 45 minutes for us to receive our food (which was super, duper delicous!), which left me exactly 15 minutes to eat it and pay before I had to walk my behind back to work like the devil was chasing me. (note to self- walking across town for lunch, not always the best idea!)

The food was delicious. The menu changes and it's incredibly limited, which could be a problem if you're dining with a picky eater (or are a picky eater). Fortunately for me there was an item on the menu that caught my eye and it was superb!!! What did I get? The Rich Man's Sandwich. This grilled sandwich consisted of, white beans seasoned with capers and fresh herbs, parmesan white wine spread and frisee. It was so good my friends!!!

My final thoughts? Would I do back? Yes, but I would make sure it was either on a day off or that I had taken a long lunch hour (which translates to at least an hour and half lunch hour) to not feel so stressed about the wait. Based on the delicious sandwich I had, the wonderful fresh pressed green juice and the superb gluten free chocolate chip cookie I give Roxanne's 3 out of 5.


  1. That sandwich looks delish! White beans! I never would have thought of it but now I want to try something like that!

    1. Sarah Marie, it was so delicious! I never would have thought about it either. I thought for sure the beans would be mashed, so they would stay inside the bread but they weren't. I think toasting/grilling the bread helped because it kept the sandwich nice and solid. So yum!!


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