Harry Potter Saves The Day

Okay I've found a new form of stress relief!

Pottermore- yep it's a crazy Harry Potter fansite that I am waaaay too old for, but whatevs- I've got a wand, so there! Alright, let me explain how this happened. First of all, I am a big ol' nerdy fan of Harry P. -like pre-order every book and read it in less than 24 hours kind of a nerdy fan. I decided recently to re-read the books, I figured enough time had gone by that while I still remember the big plot twists and turns and endings, I don't remember exactly how everything came about. What joy to return to Hogwarts! And yes, I'm serious.

All this renewed Harry Potter mania in our house has sparked a very serious interest into what "house" we would fall into. Now, I'm not outing anyone but I did say (ahem!) WE. After taking an online Sorting Hat test which lamely tied me with Gryffindor AND Ravenclaw (hellllooo, that can't happen sorting hat!) I decided to take the plunge and sign up for Pottermore, the J.K. Rowling endorsed fansite. I had been on it before but that was many, many years ago and boy it's changed. Now it's a GAME! You get to live the Harry Potter books. Now, I wasn't prepared for this. I had no interest in starting some sort of game, but I did want that darn Sorting Hat quiz and by golly I was going to do the work for it! so I dutifully signed up, got a username and grumbled through the first chapters of The Sorcerer's Stone, so not amused.  Then something kind of magical happened- I got to Platform 9 3/4, collected some chocolate frog cards and kind of started to have fun. Uh-Oh! By the time I was collecting "my" school supplies in Diagon Alley, getting an owl and MY wand I was hooked and it wasn't just about the darn Sorting Hat quiz anymore. I realized in that hour or so of wasting time on Pottermore I was completely free of stress- hadn't had a single stressful thought, not even a nagging one- I actually felt like a kid again who's only worry is getting the right books for school. I cannot tell you how priceless that feeling is. I get that feeling reading a good book too, but more than anything this was just pure fun- dorky, embarrassing fun! So while I won't be on there daily or maybe even weekly, it's good to know that when my brain gets fried from all of the stuff that life throws at you I can plop myself down, sign in and see what's happening at Hogwarts!

Thought I was going to leave you hanging and end without the results of the Sorting Hat? Nah....

I got Ravenclaw (and so did a certain someone else I hold dear- twinsies!)
Yep, the house of the eccentric, slightly weird, brainiatics (or intelligent, witty, creative and individual, as they put it nicely)- Luna Lovegood is a housemate and that suits me just fine- we all know I live with gnomes and kind of believe in fairies!


  1. Oh, Leah! I'm in Ravenclaw too! I got my account last September and have had to begrudgingly wait while more books and chapters became available. I haven't been on in a while, but I'm an HP nerd and just finished re-reading the whole series for what must have been the 11th or 12th time. Pottermore is tons of fun... until you have to wait an hour for your potion to brew! I don't have an hour! Also, I suck at potions. ~Julie Newton PS I'llsee you on the 19th and we can discuss. :)

    1. Haha, Julie I LOVE it!!!! :) We're Harry Potter AND Ravenclaw nerds together!!! Can't wait to chat about it!!

  2. Oh my gosh, you're SO a Ravenclaw.


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