Au Revoir, Google Reader. Bonjour, Bloglovin'

July 1st will be a sad day in our house. On that day Google is retiring my favorite blog reader. Google Reader will be no more. I'm peeved about this because it's such a simple way to catch up on all of the latest posts for the blogs I follow. I've been using it for years to organize what I want to read and since my blog is powered by Blogger, a Google company, it is a convenient way for me to catch up on everything when I sign in to write a post.

Friends I don't like change. I'm resistant to it and well, sometimes downright crabby about it. Google is giving me no choice in this matter, but at least we have been given warning. I would have been mortified to find my list lost in the murky world of the internet, never to be seen from again. I can't keep track of who I follow and the thought of having to start from scratch and find those gems again makes me shiver. So please make sure Cheer Up, Old Bean! isn't one of those blogs lost to the murky internet- make sure it stays on your radar and on your reading list. You can follow me on Bloglovin' by clicking the link "Follow On Bloglovin'" to the right above the "Welcome" section or by clicking HERE.

Don't miss out on your other favorites if you use Google Reader:

Import your RSS feeds from your favorite blogs that you follow on Google Reader to Bloglovin'.  Click for the link to import. I currently follow 85 blogs through Google Reader and it took less than a minute to import all those feeds to my Bloglovin' account. Cheer Up, Old Bean! has been on Bloglovin' since October 2012, so rest assured you'll get our updates!

Which are my favorite blogs? Who has made my list?

Here are just a FEW, why not follow them too?

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SLOmygosh  on Bloglovin'

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being Sarah Marie  on Bloglovin'

Skunkboy Blog on Bloglovin'

B.L.O.G.   on Bloglovin'

Girl Eats Green on Bloglovin'

She Lets Her Hair Down on Bloglovin'

Ps... I'm also trying out Feedly. I'll let you guys know if I find it better than Bloglovin', but so far it's Bloglovin' for the win!!


  1. thanks for the mention, lady! (i dig you, too.) ;)

    1. awww shucks! thanks!

      ps.. always happy to spread the word, I never miss your posts! :)


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