Chillin' with my Gnomies

I'd love to take credit for the title but the good people at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics came up with that Holiday 2010. They had me at Gnomie- but more on that in the captions later....

First I have to say that this blog was inspired by Coral, the lovely author of  SLOmygosh one of my favorite blogs this side of the Atlantic! The post that inspired this can be found here

So, why gnomes you ask? My obsession/love affair with gnomes (and all things whimsical) began as a small child when I found this book on my parents bookshelf. I have my parents to thank for a lot of the things I love, but my first foray into the whimsical was found in their collection of books, including Gnomes (the aforementioned book), as well as Faeries by Brian Froud & Alan Lee, and another absolute favorite, The Faeries Pop Up book, featuring the artwork of both Brian Froud and Alan Lee- which I paid an arm and a leg for, so no, you can't borrow it! :)

Anyway, after reading that book I was convinced they were real. When I was old enough to know that they sadly weren't real and living in my garden, tending to my plants- I decided it was okay to indulge my little fantasy with tastefully placed lawn art without being the "crazy gnome lady" down the street. So began the controlled obsession. (You've really got to know where to look for these little guys- they hide in plain sight)

The cover of Gnomes- the book that started it all!!

L-R top: My gnome juicer- which is untouched and will probably stay that way- I can't bear to squash an orange on his head!,  Woodland Garden gnomes: Arnold and Sarah get married (in my geraniums and getting sun bleached ),
L-R bottom: Woodland Garden: Adam with butterfly, and a Christmas gnome I found a few years ago.

Left top: My gnome slippers!! I had to finally toss these out. Left bottom: The wrapping paper from my LUSH Chillin' with my Gnomies holiday 2010 gift set- which, yes I admit, I bought just because it has gnomes on the paper and was called Chillin' with my Gnomies- I did happen to like what was inside too! (and yes, I DO still have the wrapping paper!!)
Middle: my Woodland Gardens Gus, the original gnome.
Right: my wee house plant gnome- a housewarming gift from a dear friend who totally feeds my addiction!

My new gnome watering can! This little gem would have escaped my notice without Coral- for better or worse! Haha!

and lastly this cheeky little guy! (who isn't a Woodland Gardens gnome)
I can hear it now, you're dying to ask if I watched Gnomeo and Juliet, loved it and bought it to watch all the time: Yes, not really and no. It was cute- we'll just leave it at that. But I will admit I was secretly excited when I heard about it, I so wanted to love it- but I'm more of Tim Burton kind of gal when it comes to animation, give me The Corpse Bride any day.


  1. This collection is soooo good. And I totally sense the "control" part too. Haha! It's so easy to become the "crazy ______ lady". For me, the fill-in-the-blank would probably be bunnies. Or Hello Kitty. I actually fear crossing that crazy-lady line, not caring what anyone thinks and just going nuts. And what will I do when Evelyn's grown up, and moves out- and I no longer have a valid excuse for buying WAY too much Sanrio?! At least gnomes are tasteful and classic!

    1. Haha- tasteful and classic! I love that you said that!!!! As you can see I've been working on this collection for awhile. :) Well Hello Kiity is nothing to be ashamed of and I say you can always blame it on your daughter even when she moves out, haha!

      Just know that if you do indeed cross that line, you'll have a crazy gnome lady down the road that's crossed it too! :)


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