S'mores Cupcakes!

Okay, I'm about to give away a big secret here! This is painful to do..... it's like pulling off a band-aid. Okay one...two...three... When I make any cupcake recipe that calls for chocolate cake I use a mix!  (owie! that hurt!)

Oh my gosh, that's right! A mix! I'm letting the cat out of the bag here, big time!

I don't use just any mix, I use Wholesome Chow. They are a local company, based out of Los Osos, California, annnnd I just happen to know them personally! The mix is available nationally (through their website) and for those in SLO County, they can be found at New Frontiers Market, Spencer's Fresh Markets and Albertsons. These mixes just happen to be gluten free, but trust me you can't tell the difference!!! Um, so basically I consider it homemade, even though I didn't lift a finger- so it's not really cheating right?! hee hee!

Alright folks, listen up! This is what you'll need!

above mentioned mix (Trader Joe's makes a great one too, if you don't need dairy or gluten free)

1- stick salted butter- make this a good quality butter my friends- it's worth it!
1 1/2- teaspoons of Vanilla
2 cups- icing sugar (confectioners sugar)
2-3 tablespoons- of half and half (the amount you use determines how thick the frosting is)
3 heaping tablespoons of Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme (Coral, this is your excuse to buy and eat Jet Puffed from the jar!)

graham crackers
chocolate cream filled batons (this can be anything you want really, chocolate drizzle works too)
(my chocolate batons came from Trader Joes)

Some of the ingredients. 

Cupcake Batter: 

1. Make cake batter according to instructions.

Two: Ladle cake batter into cupcake cups. Fill them about 3/4 of the way full. Set to bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven. Bake for 18 mins (but please check your cupcakes with a wooden toothpick, as ovens vary). When done pull out of oven and keep them in the hot cupcake tin for another minute before removing them to cool on a wire rack. Set aside and allow to cool while making frosting.


1. Cream the butter.

2. Add the vanilla, icing sugar, and half and half.

3. Add the heaping (and I mean heaping, my friends!) spoonfuls of marshmallow creme. Look at how beautiful and "whippy" that came out! Set aside.

And a little side activity to my cupcakes. I had to "taste" the frosting so I dutifully spread it on some extra graham crackers to make sure it wasn't poisoned, of course!

Cupcake Construction:

What you need: cooled cupcakes, crushed graham crackers and your cocoa batons (or whatever chocolatey delicious thing you've decided upon!)

1. Frost cupcakes. Use a spoon to sprinkle crushed graham crackers onto waiting frosting.

Plop down a cocoa baton at an angle on each cupcake and there you have it!


I promise you'll have an appreciative audience! 
(don't worry, he didn't get any chocolate, but he did get a wee bit of frosting!)


  1. This is SO great! Jeff doesn't typically get excited about cupcakes, but a couple of days after the s'mores batch you made- he said "I could eat a dozen more of those cupcakes". When I heard that, I thought... "WOW, he reeeeally liked those, I need to figure out how to make them".

    So THANK YOU for this! :)

  2. That makes me so happy!! :)

    Yay!! Now you just need some ultra cute cupcake cups!! :)


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