Quick Tutorial. Faux top knot/beehive

So I'm sitting here putting together a future blog post tonight and I start thinking about how hot it is. My mind wanders (heat waves are distracting folks!) and I start wishing I didn't have hair! Did I mention that heat waves are also crazy making?!

There's no way on earth I'd be shaving my head, so instead it's time to pull it up before I make a rash decision!! This is what ensued. A 60's inspired faux top knot/ beehive.


One:  Down and brushed. Ready for magic or a pair of clippers, ahhhhh!

Two: Brush up into a high ponytail. Secure with clear elastic.

Three: Backcomb pony for volume. Smooth out "top" of ponytail- the stuff that shows basically. Roll the ponytail towards your head like you're rolling a Pillsbury crescent roll (yeah, that's right I just compared hair to a pastry!) Secure to base (your head) with bobby pins. Fan out the ends of the roll and pin those too.

Four: Finish with cute headband, just cuz you can!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey as we say in my house!!

Thanks 85 degree weather at 10PM for making an impromptu blog post happen!

Your turn!!


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