Fall Into Fishtail... hair tutorial.

Fall Into Fishtail- A collaboration with SLOmygosh

A step by step hair tutorial for those who want to pretend they are mermaids OR for those like me that think it looks like a herringbone scarf and are desperate for Fall's arrival!!

For my second collaboration with Coral of SLOmygosh and the amazingly awesome ladies of Ambiance we decided on a fishtail braid (for our first tutorial please view HERE). Braids are so hot right now, so in the moment! This look can be achieved by many different hair lengths and textures- it's pretty darn universal ladies!!

What you will need:
2 clear elastic bands
a pair of scissors- any kind (for optional step 7)
hairspray (again, optional)

Our stunning model Kannyn, (isn't she just gorgeous?!) also the owner of Ambiance- who must have the most amazing closet in the world! 

1. Brush hair into pony tail, this may be a low side pony or in the back.  Our model requested it be in the back.
* a side note: I'd like to point out that when doing this on oneself, it will be easier to do a side pony version, but by no means is it impossible to do it in the back.


2. Secure with clear elastic band and start by splitting the hair into two sections. 


3. Beginning on one side pull a small section of hair from underneath. Pull this section around and across to the opposite side. 


4. Repeat this process going down the divided pony tail until you reach the desired amount of hair braided.


5. Secure with the second clear elastic.


6. Gently tug on the braid if you would like a wider fishtail.

Seven: (optional)
7. Optional- If you desire a looser braid, cut the top clear elastic. 


Spray and Ta-da, you're done!!

We've had so much fun doing these tutorials for you that we've got even more up our sleeves! Keep watching this space- we're feeling inspired by this transitional time of year and all of the fashions Ambiance has to offer!

Thank you to our model Kannyn, who so kindly sat and let us play, as well as agreeing to lend us the use of her space! So grateful!!!

Also, I'd like to thank my amazing collaborator, Coral- who's such a talented photographer! Oh and did I mention she's a stinkin' fantastic blogger?! Please check her out HERE She'll have her own version of our tutorial up, so wander on over to SLOmygosh and have a peek!

photos generously provided and copyrighted by Coral Kessler. :)
photo shoot location: Ambiance San Luis Obispo

All clothing sold at Ambiance- so if you loved that adorable tunic Kannyn was wearing get yourself in there and check it out! I'm currently drooling over a few things there myself!
Love that gorgeous nail polish I'm sportin'? Me too! It's Butter London- Queen Vic and you guessed it- it's available at Ambiance!!


  1. I love that we use the same photos and steps - but have totally different tutorials. It makes it fun and exciting to see yours. And I'm loving the photo collages you made!

    Thank you so much for being such an awesome fish-tailer. :)

    1. That's my favorite part!!! I love the different perspectives we have on the same day and the same event! I was super excited to see how you presented it this morning!!

      Excited for the next one!!! Oh and I tapped Stephanie for the milkmaid and she's down for it, so hopefully she's available to be the model on whatever day we choose. :) fun!!

  2. Ooooh! She'll be PERFECT! Really good idea.


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